Summer is heading our way once more and most of us want to head out to those ski slopes for a perfect ski vacation. Most of the Irish families I know love a holiday that allows them to hit the slopes with abandon. From the looks of things, this isn’t just a fad of the young. It is a trend that has attracted all generations to it. It has quickly become an attraction that the whole family joins in. Therefore it is not surprising that come summer you find many Irish families packing up their ski gear and heading out of the country in search of the perfect slopes and the best snow.

While skiing maybe fun it is also a dangerous pastime. A lot can go wrong on the slopes. You will find that this true with skiers of all kinds of expertise. Everyone has mishaps. It’s bound to happen when you careening down a slope on two flat sticks with just two poles to guide you. So be practical and be prepared. When I say prepared I’m invariably talking about a travel insurance.

Summer on the Slopes


Like I said before, a lot can go wrong on the slopes and getting medical attention is expensive. First off you need to be transported off the slope to a medical facility. To do so you would need someone to either pick you up and carry you or if you are in a really bad shape, you would need a helicopter to get you out. So how expensive is a helicopter ride out of the slopes? It is approximately 20 euros for every flying minute. That can culminate to a lot of money that you spend on just transport. Medical treatment is a totally different ball game altogether.

Most people will say that they don’t really need ski travel insurance. They wrongly assume that the free travel insurance that accompanies the flight will be enough. If you belong to this category of people it would be wise to read the fine print. You need to be aware of how much the insurance will cover. Remember that ski injuries can range from mild to debilitating. You don’t want to be caught off guard.

Another issue that comes with skiing is possible injury to others. What if the person you accidentally hit decides to sue you? You need to choose an insurance that covers that too!


Cheap travel insurance will certainly save you money. Then again it may not, it may not cover all the areas that you need. If it does it may not provide you with the reimbursement that you are looking for. That however does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive travel insurance available. The question that now arises is… How do you choose one that suits your need?


Choosing the right insurance package requires a little bit of detective work. Make a list of the travel insurance companies near you. Then draw up a list of the packages that they have. Make sure to include the prices and the facilities they offer. Remember that each travel insurance company will have more than one type of package. You need to find which package falls within the range that you can afford and also provides you with the facilities that you need.

Once you are comfortable with the price range, compare it across with the other companies. Most of the companies will have similar package deals but the prices will differ. Find a company that you trust which offers you a good deal and make sure to get a travel insurance for the whole family.

Skiing is fun. It is awesome to leave work behind and go a great holiday. It is even more amazing to find a sport that the whole family enjoys. Wisdom however should prevail and the family needs to be taken care of in case something untoward happens. Being insured comprehensively will do just that. It will let you go up and down the ski slopes with absolute piece of mind. Why? Simply because if something does happen you are taken care of!