Liverpool Street Station gets very busy as workers from the City begin to head off home, but many prefer to linger and take the time to unwind with a drink before making the journey. Perhaps that’s why whichever way you look you will find any number of top class bars on Liverpool Street, ranging from those with a long history to contemporary bars for the modern city slicker.

1. Railway Tavern

For a pub with a little history, look no further than the Railway tavern. It’s thought that there has been an alehouse on the site since the early 18th century when, so the story goes, farmers from outside the city would herd their cows into Liverpool Street, so giving the pub the nickname The Cow Shed”. Now it’s a favourite haunt of city folk who want a taste of cask ale and some good traditional pub food before going home. You can watch all the latest sports action from Sky and even give free rein to your singing talents at the Friday night karaoke.

2. Boisdale of Bishopsgate

If you are after modern elegance and comfortable surroundings, Boisdale of Bishopsgate is the place for you. Decked out in warm colours and tartans, Boisdale is the perfect place for an after work cocktail or two and to relax to the sounds of the jazz piano. And it is so easy to be tempted to stay for a sumptuous meal of Angus beef, salmon or oysters in the welcoming Scottish-themed restaurant. Make sure to round off your evening with a rare whiskey from Boisdale’s fine collection.

3. The Shooting Star

A pub with history, The Shooting Star began life as a mansion and dates back over 100 years. It is now one of Fuller’s dedicated Ale and Pie houses and so serves real ale with specialty pies featuring beautiful pastry made the traditional way. It prides itself as being one of the most welcoming pubs in the city – small wonder it’s such a popular stop off point for the homeward bound crowd – it’s just the place to spend time with friends and relax. But, be warned, you may end up staying longer than you intended.


4. Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge

With champagne rising in popularity as an after work drink, the Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge in the Andaz Hotel, is becoming a popular attraction for the office crowd. It blends traditional and contemporary design for an intimate ambience that is ideal for soothing away the stresses of the day. With over 70 Champagnes and Bellini cocktails complemented by an excellent charcuterie to choose from, you’ll never run out of new experiences.

5. Dirty Dicks

Of all the bars on Liverpool Street Dirty Dicks, which is right next to the station, is probably the most iconic pub in London and is a must for every visitor to the city. With a history going back over 250 years, Dirty Dicks still serves good British ale and has a great menu of traditional British food. And there is always something going on somewhere on one of the three levels – karaoke, comedy, live bands – Dirty Dicks has them all.