The New Episode of Haasil starts with Kabir reminisces Aanchal slapping him and rejecting him, etc.. and feels unhappy. Sarika meets Gaurav and says it’s not smart for him to remain in one place, she spared him once assaultive Kabir for one reason, else she would have gotten him killed right at that time. She says she should end Aanchal. Gaurav says he can send Aanchal out of town. Sarika says she desires him to send Aanchal out of this world by killing her.

Kabir goes to Ranvir’s area. Ranvir with closed eyes senses him and says he came at his time, it means that he’s missing him or he loves him lots. Kabir says he’s missing Aanchal and says in childhood whenever he accustomed not get sleep, he accustomed climb on Ranvir’s bed and have sex pillow on his head, Ranvir is his soporific. Ranvir says he himself isn’t obtaining sleep.

Kabir says drugs cannot fall ill and asks him to assist. Ranvir suggests him to isten to his heart and do what he feels right. Aanchal additionally doesn’t get sleep and sleeps on her mom’s lap.

Haasil 11th December 2017 Full Episode and Latest News

Next morning, Gaurav prepares gun and targets Aanchal. Aanchal travels in her automotive. Another automotive travels in wrong way. Aanchal gets out automotive. A communicator comes out and asks if she is ok, then starts questioning however did she feel once she ill-treated Kabir. Aanchal gets into her automotive and leaves. She reaches NGO and sees Kabir mingling well with senior voters and amusing them. He sees Aanchal and says he saw a patrician in his dream sporting red and white dress, she was terribly pretty.

Aanchal says let or not it’s his dreams and forcefully takes back her papa’s watch speech communication she created a bg mistake by trusting him, she’s going to not retreat to to him once more once losing trust. Kabir says hew unwell love her repeatedly. Kabir then walks slightly and notices Gaurav targeting Aanchal from a distance. He runs to rescue Aanchal and bears bullet. Aanchal shouts Kabir. Kabir falls on ground. Aanchal rushes him to hospital in her automotive. Ranvir is busy exercise once he gets Aanchal’s automotive and picks decision. Aanchal says Kabir is shot and she or he is speeding him to hospital. Kabir stands afraid reminiscing Kabir’s love for him.

Kabir is rush to hospital. Raichands additionally reach hospital. Doc comes out of OT and says i’m sorry. Family stands in an exceedingly shock. Doc then says bullet hit heart and at large rupturing it, Kabir lost lots of blood and his probabilities of survival ar grim. Sarika shatters. Ranvir consoles her. Aanchal walks shattered to temple and prays god that nothing ought to happen to Kabir. Ranvir walks in and says nothing can happen to Kabir as he trust Kabir quite god.

He reminisces childhood wherever Kabir meets with a sport accident and gets into essential condition, however he revives and guarantees Ranvir that he won’t leave him alone any time. Aanchal holds his hand and consoles. Inspector comes and says Aanchal that he desires to speak concerning Kabir’s murder try. Sarika calls Gaurav, however he disconnects decision.

Sarika reminisces ordering Gaurav to kill Aanchal. Inspector asks Aanchal if she saw shooter. Aanchal says she simply remembers Kabir running to her and bearing bullet on him to avoid wasting her. Inspector says which means murder try was on her, will she have any enemy. Sarika hears her mutely.

Haasil Full Episode