Sorry to mention it, but summer holiday fun is almost over! Those six weeks fly by surprisingly quickly, don’t they? One minute you’re counting down the clock until freedom and the next, it’s time to start thinking about the new school term. There’s lot’s to prepare for the next year ahead of your educational career, and lots of essentials to buy!

Whether you’re at school, college, or university you’ll be thinking about the next month ahead. Heading into a new year can be daunting, so to make sure you’re fully prepared, read our list of essentials that you definitely need!

New Stationery – there’s something quite exciting about stocking up on a complete new range of stationery before your term starts. New notebooks, pens, pencils, and all other stationery items you can think of! Choosing out your design of choice can be quite a challenge, polka dots, stripes or grid?! The options are endless…

A Sports Kit – you’ve probably grown a fair amount since the previous year’s sports kit, so it’s time to get shopping for shorts, sports tops and a new pair of trainers! Oh and a kit bag, you don’t want to forget that. Don’t invest in anything too fancy though, as it’s bound to get a bit muddy!

A Lunch Box – a major essential is a lunch box or bag. There are so many cute styles around these days that your sandwiches will be spoilt for choice! You can even buy a personalised lunch box, just to make sure no one tries to pinch your munch!

New Shoes – one of the main ‘back to school’ buys is a new pair of school shoes. You’ll probably argue with your parents as to what they deem sensible and what you think is fashionable. No one ever really likes to wear proper school shoes do they? Opt for a black trainer if the smart look isn’t your thing.

A Winter Coat – I don’t know why, but in the UK when we shop for a new term this includes a thick, padded winter coat which probably won’t even be touched for a good month or two. Never the less, we like to be prepared. Pick out a style that you won’t be bored of by winter.

New Glasses – if you’re a glasses wearer then you probably want to buy a new pair of fashion reading glasses to start off the new term! There are so many options from frame type to colour, try on a few pairs to see what suits you best.

Text Books – the boring one! You can either buy some new text books or hire them from a library. If you want a physical copy but find they’re bit pricey then check out eBay! Previous students are always trying to flog their old books.

Just from this list, there definitely is a lot to think about and a lot to buy when entering the new term! You want to start your year on a positive, so ensure that you’re prepared and equipped with everything that you could possibly need! Enjoy the final few days of your summer and good luck for the new school year!