Your children are out of school for almost three months in the summer, leading to a loss of learned information. Teachers understand that students lose knowledge over the summer, so they plan to review material in the first few weeks of school. However, there are things that parents can do over the summer to help their children learn new things.

Tip 1: Library Visits

Public libraries are a valuable and free resource for parents to help their child enjoy reading. Modern libraries have comfortable air-conditioned rooms with chairs and tables where children can read books and magazines. Most libraries also have interesting summertime programs to learn about animals or art.

Tip 2: Vacation Time

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation even if it is only for a day or two. No matter whether it is a road trip or airplane ride, use this time to help children learn about other cultures or how to read a map. Take time to visit historical sites, art museums or zoos to provide new experiences for a child.

Tip 3: Medical Appointments

When children miss numerous days of school, they are losing a learning opportunity. During the summer, get as many routine health care appointments such as inoculations for childhood illnesses out of the way as possible. Early summer is a great time for older children or teenagers to begin wearing braces or have other complex dental work. Work with your local dentist or family doctor to schedule appointments early to avoid disruption to school.

Helping Kids Maintain Their Education: Summertime Tips For Parents

Tip 4: Family Reunions

Visiting extended family during the summer is also a great way for children to learn. Children may learn practical things such as cooking, sewing or automobile repair from grandparents. Education is more than students learning just the facts about mathematics and science, it is also about using that knowledge for everyday living.

Tip 5: Tutoring Sessions

Finding places that provide tutoring sessions for your child can help them to retain knowledge or learn new information. Summertime is perfect for helping a child who has fallen behind their peers in a particular subject such as phonics or spelling. There are tutoring centers, nonprofit organizations and private individuals available to tutor a child during the summer months.

Remember that summer vacation is meant to be a fun time too for children. Allowing children to have free time for socializing with friends is an important way to increase social intelligence. Many of the best memories children have about their childhood are things that happened during the summertime.

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