Asian countries are known as beautiful and affordable tourist destination, compared to European countries. Some travelers are coming to enjoy the tropical sun, delicious authentic Asian cuisine, and nice weather. However, if you are looking to experience another wonderful cold season, there are also plenty of countries in Asia that offer amazing winter scene and attraction. Here is the best place in Asia that at its best during December.

Harbin, China

Harbin in China is known as the ice city which hosts the largest snow and ice festivals in the world. It usually happens through January and February where you can enjoy enormous and detailed ice sculpture art from worldwide best carpenters. Besides the beautiful icy landscape, you can enjoy plenty of firework shows, music festivals, and winter-themed amusement parks here as well.

Nagano, Japan

The Nagano Prefecture is located at the center of Honshu Island and is very famous for its mountain slope and natural hot spring. It is home for the best ski resorts at Japan where you can enjoy sliding between pristine white snow and gorgeous mountain lines. After you done freezing your muscle outside, you can just hit the open thermal spring pool for free! Besides skiing and spring tour, you can also enjoy a cultural trip at Nagano by visiting its temple, museum, and castles.

Nami Island, South Korea

Visiting Seoul in the winter perhaps is not the best time of the year. However, if you happen in the area on a snowy month, there are still a lot of things you can do to enjoy a beautiful winter wonderland holiday. On the tourist season, crossing over by ferry will make you go crazy in queueing. However, in the winter you can enjoy the ride and leisurely walking around the island, taking a lot of pictures and capturing the eerie snowy landscape of the lovely natural island.

Lhasa, Tibet

For those who really love winter season and do not mind the extreme drop of temperature, visiting Lhasa in Tibet will be a treasured experience. You can enjoy staying at the world most breathtaking snowy wonderland with less crowd, sunny winter day and ultimate tranquility. There are also plenty of sports activities that you can do, such as hiking, skiing, and tracking. Lhasa also hosts a lot of local festival during the winter months which you can enjoy a touch of wonderful Tibetan culture, such as Butter Oil Lantern Festival and Great Prayer Festival.