When you live in an area that has cold, snowy or icy winters, carpeting sprawled across your floors can be beneficial. Compared to hard floor surfaces, carpeting may feel warmer on your feet during the winter and can create a more comfortable or cozy ambiance. However, snowy, icy or otherwise wet weather conditions can wreak havoc on the condition of your carpet. In addition to making the carpeting soggy at times, it could also result in staining from mud and other elements. By following these helpful tips, you can protect your carpet from damage and keep it looking great all winter.

Take off Your Shoes

One of the most important steps that you can take to care for your home’s carpeting in the winter is to remove your shoes at the door. Even when you dry off your shoes on a doormat, some moisture and dirt may remain clinging to their bottoms. By removing your shoes at the door, the moisture, as well as any dirt or mud, may remain off the carpeting and in a confined area for easier clean-up. Likewise, keep jackets and other outdoor apparel that may be wet or dirty near the front door.

Dry off Pets at the Door

Your pets also bring moisture, mud and other debris indoors after they go outside to do their business. It can seem like a hassle to dry off each little paw and even their bellies and tails each time your pets come inside the house, but this effort is essential for protecting your carpeting throughout the winter. A smart idea is to keep an old towel near the door that can be used to dry off their paws and to wipe away the mud.

Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning

These steps can do wonders for protecting your carpeting from unnecessary damage, but you may notice that your carpeting still becomes increasingly dirty as the months pass. After all, you may bring in firewood, a Christmas tree or other items from outdoors, and these items may drag in the dirt. In addition, the regular use of an HVAC system may spread dust and other debris throughout the home. Professional carpet cleaning can remove stains, odors and other elements from the carpeting.

While snowy weather conditions can wreak havoc on your carpeting, there are many steps that you can take to keep wear and damage to a minimum. For the best results, apply each of these steps to your home cleaning and maintenance efforts.