Finding and deciding on the right solicitor is definitely not the easiest thing to do in the world. Chances are you do not have much experience when it comes to picking the right solicitor. Never mind though, as the aim of this piece is to give you a few hints and tips as to what you can look out for when trying to pick a solicitor who is going to meet your needs.

Are You Heading For Disaster? How To Pick The Right Solicitor


Personality is going to be one of the biggest factors that comes into play when working with a solicitor who is going to be able to help you out the most. This is because if the two of you are not able to see eye to eye on important issues, then there is going to be little hope for a successfully working relationship. You do not need this added extra stress when dealing with an awkward solicitor and so it is of great importance that you ensure you are working with a solicitor who is able to work amicably with you.

A great way to figure this out is to get them on the phone for a short conversation or maybe even schedule a short free meeting with them. In doing so, you will have created the basis for a good working relationship later on down the line


It is important to work out the details, such as fees, well in advance. For example, some solicitors will only want to be paid if they are successful in the task you give them. Some, however, want to be paid regardless of what the outcome is and so you need to make sure you are clear in terms of which type of solicitor you are working with.

Are They Recommended?

If you are picking a solicitor based on the recommendation of a friend, then the odds are that they are recommended. If this is not the case, however, then you might want to do some digging and find out if people generally have a good experience with this individual after deciding to work with them. Doing this due diligence is a great way to protect yourself from future mishaps – saving you a lot of hassle in the long term.

Are they Specialised?

If you require a solicitor, you may want to work with someone who is specialised in the field for which you need help. You might have thought that all solicitors were specialised, however this is not the case and it turns out that some are more general in what they do than others. If you are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of what you are looking to get help with then it might be in your best interest to pick and work with someone who is specialised in the field in which you need help. If you are not sure if the solicitor can meet your needs or not, companies like Maidments can help. Simply visit site for advice.

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