Countless people across the world want to own a Rolex watch. Soon after it has been purchased, its value can increase considerably. If a rare model is owned, it can be worth significantly more after just a couple of years. Although a brand new Rolex watch is highly sought after, a second hand model is just as desirable because they are often worth far more. When considering ‘should I buy a Rolex watch that’s used?’ there are many things to avoid so that the entire process is done hassle-free:

What To Avoid When Buying A Used Rolex Watch

Not Checking the Credentials of its Owner

When buying a Rolex watch on an internet auction site, view the other items that have been bought from a seller. As feedback is usually provided for each item, it can be determined if they are trustworthy or not. If they have a large amount of negative feedback, another seller can be chosen.

Choosing a Listing that doesn’t have Any Photos

Even if an account has great feedback, take a look at the listings that have photos. When a listing for a Rolex watch only has information about it and not photographs, potential buyers can’t see what they could bid for. If possible, look at listings that have multiple photos. As an online seller can include photographs of its serial number and other key areas, such as its casing or bracelet, a Rolex watch can be looked at in great detail. When EBay or Amazon is accessed on a smartphone, a listing for a Rolex watch can be viewed at any time of the day.

Not using PayPal

When a Rolex watch is bought online, PayPal must be used. If payment is transferred via BACS, a sort code and an account number can be stolen by online hackers. If a Rolex watch is paid for with a cheque, it will take several days for it to arrive. Once it has been deposited into a bank account, a cheque then clears after five working days. As PayPal is safe and used by millions of people around the world every day, the only personal information that will be shared is an email address. By using PayPal, money is transferred immediately from one account to another. In fact, as soon as a winning bid for a Rolex watch has been placed on EBay or a Reserve Price met, payment can be sent.

Not Accepting a Next Day Delivery Service

A Next Day delivery service is very convenient because it will only take twenty four hours for a Rolex watch to be delivered. If a Rolex watch is bought via an internet auction site, check that a seller offers a Next Day delivery service. Consequently, the person who has bought a Rolex watch that’s used won’t have to wait ages for it to arrive. It also provides peace of mind because a Next Day delivery service can be tracked online where the person who bought it can find out its location.

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