newWhether you consider yourself to be quite arty, have a love of stitching and making something new or can just appreciate the look and style of the latest clothes and trends, a career in fashion could be a great option for you. Of course, the obvious job when you think about getting involved in fashion is a position as a designer. However, if your design skills aren’t quite up to scratch, don’t panic — there are plenty of other areas to get into.

Ready to Get Styling?

One of the more up and coming careers in fashion is that of the stylist. After all, who do you think makes all those celebs look good, week in and week out? Their stylists, of course! As a stylist you can still enjoy being at the forefront of fashion, whether that is at a designer level or with the much-loved high-street clothing lines. This career will let you be creative and really enjoy clothes and putting together outfits. And don’t feel you have to stay with styling people, because those visual styling skills can be used to dress store windows, style TV sets or museum exhibits or even style the fashion shows themselves.

Got a Lot to Say about Fashion?

Being part of fashion industry doesn’t necessarily mean getting your hands on the models and the clothes. If you have some strong opinions on what is going on in some of today’s looks and trends, then fashion journalism could be the right choice for you. From magazine and newspaper writing to hosting your own blog or providing online coverage, there is plenty to get involved in.

Sharing Fashion with Others

The retail industry isn’t always the obvious choice for fashion recruitment, but in fact jobs in retail are generally well paid, give you a good experience of working with different brands and let you see the new collections first. Retail jobs are relatively easy to get thanks to the many entry-level positions available and the more you learn on the job, the further your career can develop, allowing you to specialise in specific areas that interest you. Of course, it helps if you are good with both people and numbers, can spot trends developing and are able to manage others.

Alternatively, why not think about being part of the merchandising process? A chance to mix fashion and business, it covers many areas, from working directly with suppliers or manufacturers and ensuring that the products are as high-quality as possible for designers to becoming a buyer. Being a buyer is the ideal career if you are good at spotting the next big trend and like the idea of travelling and essentially shopping for a living.

Janine Langwerth has worked within the fashion industry for a number of years, working her way up from the retail floor to travelling the world as an assistant buyer. She regularly shares her opinions and advice on the benefits of fashion recruitment by writing for a number of websites and blogs.