UK consumers have had lots of incentives thrown at them, all in the name of green energy and an environmentally friendly future for our children to grow up in, but most importantly, they are there to lower carbon emissions and prevent the UK from being fined by the EU because it is overspending on its carbon credits. While the benefit of solar power have long been questioned and the promises of great incomes fallen flat on their faces, the fact that the government is paying a large percentage of the installation charge has to tip the balance for anyone sitting on the fence.

Recently, Scottish people found out that they would be able to reclaim up to £1,200 towards the cost of reducing energy consumption in their homes as part of the green homes cash back scheme and the Energy Saving Trust. The actual payment each person receives is calculated in three ports following a‘Green Deal Assessment’, which takes into consideration how much of the criteria your home meets.

Are We Getting To Grips With Solar Power?

The three areas assessed for payment are:

  1. Insulation of your home.
  2. Boiler replacement and installation.
  3. Heating controls, lighting and glazing.

The Green Deal Assessment is not just available in Scotland as people in the rest of the UK can benefit from the reduction in costs too. Just checkout the Energy Saving Trust Website for a search tool to show you how to contact your local Green Deal Assessor.

It’s Too Late to Claim

If like me, you’ve already spent out on a new boiler or have installed solar panels and insulated your house properly, there are still ways you can benefit from a visit from a Green Deal Assessor. Part three of the assessment takes into account the cost of changing your glazing and installing thermostats and energy efficient lighting.

What to Change First

In many cases, energy efficient lighting does not simply mean using low energy light bulbs. It often means changing your light fitting completely from traditional lights to LED lights that require much less power to run, but create a great light for rooms with proper installations. Most people don’t realise that the solar powered lights that light up their gardens at night actually have a practical use indoor and although the solar power alternatives conserve energy to light pathways all through the night, using a wired LED solution in the home gives a much brighter light.

Windows are a large purchase and considering the Green Energy Grant can only offer up to £300 out of the £1,200 total for anything that falls under part 3 of the assessment, you are much more likely to see something for nothing by having LED lights installed. Take into account the fact that your Green Deal Cashback is only available for improvements made after they are recommended in your home’s assessment and that any work must follow an assessment and is not reclaimable if you go ahead and get the work done off your own back.

Karen Underwood is a mother to three and tries to ensure there is a healthy planet for her children to enjoy. She works for World of Solar and believes her job reflects her beliefs.