Android PhonePhone is the most widely used technology in the modern world. It not only connects people its functionality and wide array of features makes life more efficient for us. Android phones are phones that can be considered as the smartest gadget in modern world now. Usually this application comes with only very expensive phones but sometimes it can g=be obtained in cheap phones too. Android phones are readily available in china stores.

Many companies have in today’s time been able to develop their own brands of Androids which are not only simple but also OS free. It is very user friendly, most of the types all the Android app are easy and simple to use its user interface is user friendly.

The programs that are installed can be accessed from the dashboard. There is a search club option presented in the home page which alerts you and aids you whenever you need relevant information. The net browser can be accessed through the web page. The in-built SMS interface help in enabling you to access any message you want to whenever the mailbox is opened as it comes out in form of posts.

Any android phone comes with a camera of high resolution that makes taking pictures a fun experience. One can record videos too. And what is worth is with the wide array of features in the Android you can do number things with these pictures and videos. Built in camera’s have several classic features of a good camera, therefore one can zoom in and also use the picture stabilization feature. Even amateurs can make this work.

The android phones come with fantastic features of entertainment for all music lovers. Your favorite music can be listened to with a music playlist with its buffering function. It is easy to download music from online stores and easy to store and listen too. You can be entertained with music all day long with your earphones plugged in the head jack.

Google phone are high end and very good but when you cannot afford it good alternatives should be available to you. Nowadays good phones with affordable range come with free Android operating system. Some of the examples of companies that manufacture such phones are Samsung and HTC. Buyers in fact prefer using these phones over expensive Google phones.

The beauty of Android Os operating system is that it can be used in cheap low end phone models instead of high end expensive Smartphone. There are inexpensive alternatives readily available in the market. One can buy cheap android phones even in a China store.

The best part about affordable android phones is that almost all those features are present in expensive models of Smartphone. The companies nowadays are trying to beat the price of high end phones by making the affordable variety more user-friendly and accessible. One should judge rationally when buying a Smartphone or else emotionally he might end u buying an expensive android phone. You should be able to find alternatives which are far better.