Portable diesel generators can provide power to many of your home appliances in the event of a power failure. In the event that the power only goes out for a few hours most homeowners can make do and survive without the use of electricity. The problem begins when the power is out for extended periods of time like after a severe storm strikes the area and electricity is knocked out city wide.

Purchasing the right generator will ensure that you can protect your food from spoiling and provide heat or cooling to the inside of the home if needed. With many different types of generators on the market it can be very difficult for homeowners to choose the correct size unit to power up the majority of appliances in the home. Here are some tips to help you choose the right diesel generator for your home.

How To Choose The Right Diesel Generator For Your Home

The best way to estimate the size generator that you will need is to calculate the wattage of the items that you must have running in the event of a power outage. If you have recently suffered a power outage make notes which appliances and lighting you must have running in order to be comfortable. These usually include the refrigerator, lighting, heating or air conditioning units, microwave ovens, and radios. The reason you will be powering up the generator is for extended periods of electrical outages, so be certain to make note of anything you must have during those days. The diesel generators must be able to provide at least the wattage needed to run all of those items and maybe slightly more.

While gas fueled generators are by far the most common sold units today, the experts recommend you purchase a diesel model because of a few different reasons. The diesel generator will last much longer than the gas powered generator. Over the course of a few years this can add up to a huge savings in having to purchase another unit. The other reason to choose a diesel model is that they provide much more power and can handle a heavier work load if needed. If you plan on powering your HVAC system be certain that you choose a model with with a harmonic balance under 5 percent.

During extended outages the generator will be running for long periods of time. They will most likely be running in the late evening hours as well. Be certain to look for a generator that comes with either insulation materials or has a noise reduction enclosure. This will help to reduce the noise late in the evening and keep the peace between you and your neighbors. Other features of the diesel generators include a shut off valve in the event of over heating or if the oil runs out.