Stained, dirty and dusty carpets are an inevitable part of daily life. Most carpets get soiled and dirty owing to lots of foot traffic that pushes the debris deeper into the weaves of the carpet. The most common method used by grout cleaning services is known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. According to professionals this is the best way to ensure that your carpet is free from dust, dirt, mildew and dangerous bacteria.

However, when it comes to steam cleaning you have a number of choices which range from professional cleaners to hand held cleaners that anyone can use.

Professional Office Carpet Cleaning

Most businesses rely on a professional to ensure that their carpets smell and feel as good as new. Most professionals will pay you a visit on a weekly basis to ensure that your upholstery, rugs, and carpets are clean which also happens to be the simplest route. Professionals are a good choice for both businesses and home owners because they use the best industrial grade cleaning fluids and equipment.

That said it may not be feasible for most homeowners to pay for a professional service that visits them every week or month. Plus, most homes do not receive as much foot traffic as a commercial establishment.

The professional machines used by most businesses are high powered and superior cleaning machines that even a large business could purchase. However, there are services in Sydney that use a portable cleaner which is not as effective as its truck mounted counterpart. Truck mounted cleaners draw power from the truck’s massive engine which enables 100x times more suction and power than most hand held steam cleaners.

A professional service will start by first removing all the furniture out of the room prior to commencing their cleaning regime. They will start by vacuuming the carpets with an industrial strength cleaner which picks up most of the dirt and hair from the carpet. A professional who has years of experience cleaning carpets will know exactly when your carpet is ready to be steam cleaned.

However, while professionals are very effective at ensuring that your carpet is 100% clean in every imaginable way they are expensive. So some businesses who have the expertise may probably find it cheaper to rent a professional steam cleaner for their office once a week for thorough cleaning.

Renting Steam Cleaners

A business that is looking for both effectiveness and cost will find it cheaper to rent a steam cleaning machine. This provides a sort of middle ground between hiring a team of professionals and doing it yourself. That said the person using the equipment should know exactly what he is doing in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Rented cleaners are a lot more powerful owing to their massive suction power.

These machines have huge tanks that can hold water and also cleaning solution which nulls the need for frequent refills. But because they can suck 90% of the water out of a carpet their waste tank has to be emptied fairly frequently.

Purchasing a Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Most businesses will find that purchasing a hand held cleaner and handing it over to their janitor is the best most cost effective solution. Home steam cleaner costs as much as renting a professional machine 3 times which is obviously a lot cheaper but these cleaners are not as powerful. The benefit of these cleaners is that it gives you the opportunity to clean your carpets, upholstery, and mattresses as frequently as possible without spending extra money.

However, the water tanks will need to be filled frequently and the machine will have to be personally maintained. That said despite owning a hand held cleaning machine most businesses may still need to opt for a professional service to come in and clean everything probably once a month or once every six months.

Every cleaning method has its own distinct disadvantages and advantages. So the route you decide for your business will mainly depend on its size, type and what your budget is. If you are looking for something that this thorough and helps to extend the life of your furniture and carpets then professional cleaning is strongly advised.

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