The digital era is very fast paced. Despite the different technological aids you can still lose track of your own things. Nobody can dispute the benefits that technology has brought-there are more apps then humans in this era. Undoubtedly we are more connected, we are performing better, we are improving and leveraging our resources beyond that were once just thoughts. How many of you are optimizing your time through these latest apps and tools?

The hottest tech trend these days is to keep a virtual assistant. Google, Apple, and Yahoo are all integrating into mobile apps through smart virtual personal assistants. Though you might still be running to Starbucks for a coffee, but you can even then download a virtual personal assistant that can aid you organize your minutes and aspects of life. If still you haven’t taken advantage of the tools and apps, then try making a test now.

And of course, there are thousands and millions of apps to choose from-as every entrepreneur and enterprise is focused towards mobile app development. With so many apps to choose from, how do you decide which one to use? We say, taking help from experts is not wrong. Try VeztekUSA for consultancy and provide us your feedback-we have considered their advice. This article is listing down the best mobile apps for organizing and scheduling your work:

#1- 24me:

If you are forgetful, a virtual assistant like brain works better in keeping tracks. The app is focused on generating alerts/reminders for events, meetings, bills, and anything that is fed into the app. The 24me app combines the information listed into to-do-list, notes, and calendar-the app is easy to use and is totally clutter free. You can enable the app to sync with other apps like Facebook to send messages to your contacts, on your behalf. The 24me application is all about you just like the name sounds and combines almost everything of your life into its single self.

Top Apps For Staying Organized and Managing Your Schedule

#2- Quip:

Mark Zuckerberg trusts and uses this app-so should you as well. It is one of the best applications specifically designed for virtual use. It enables the users to merge their work with other checklists, spreadsheets, and documents. With this app you can create, share, and import documents enabling others to update as well. The app has side bars as well that enables you to keep a check with workers and keep a track of the editing they made. For increasing work productivity, try Quip.

Top Apps For Staying Organized and Managing Your Schedule

#3- Wunderlist:

If putting things into list is your way of working and organizing your thoughts and things you do, try Wunderlist. You can just put everything there and keep them as reminders for yourself, even movies you want to watch. The app is a sleek package that keeps productivity and organization of things through the to-do-list. Through this app you can also share your lists with others and have conversation. When you are planning a family vacation or delegating someone, your best friend will be Wunderlist.

Top Apps For Staying Organized and Managing Your Schedule

#4- Speaktoit:

What can more comprehend then an app that can speak to you and act as your virtual personal assistant as well? Speaktoit is another version of Siri, it enables you to send texts, make calls, search the entire web, while keeping everything informed as priority. What you have to do in order to keep Speaktoit updated is give commands and it will suggest in return with the best possible references. Yu can even ask questions and it will answer you asked concerns, update you for the social media updates, and perform your tasks. In this app you also have a choice of choosing your virtual personal assistant-pick a handsome man, a blonde, or a brunette, or you can even pick a professor.

Top Apps For Staying Organized and Managing Your Schedule

#5- Time Planner:

This application enables you to track your time and combine the schedules for both personal activities and work. If you plan to do something at a certain time, mark it into schedule and it will remind you. For instance if you plan on taking a car ride at 2 PM, app will remind you, and when you’re done-it will mark it as done. Though this app is a perfect time planner, but will only work on an Apple device.

Top Apps For Staying Organized and Managing Your Schedule


If you want to keep things organized and fear forgetting them, try the app that suits your needs. The list mentioned above includes few of the best apps that work great for managing almost everything that is important to you. The best part is, they are free for download. You can choose the ones that will increase your productivity and will be useful for your personal or work concerns. The choice is tremendous, as mentioned above-there is thousands of applications out there but the choice has to be specific. There are apps designed for delivering the very concern you have, such as apps for smart working, attention alert, remove distractions, manage daily agenda, and manage everything in a single place and more. You find something new and better, Please share with us.