Everyone knows that items go on sale during the November and December holidays, particularly during Black Friday and around Christmas. Many items are priced to sell and stores move a great deal of merchandise during those months. But what about the electronics overstocks that are left over after a store finishes the Winter rush? Many stores actually respond to this by slashing prices drastically during the months of January and February, making it on of the best times of the year to buy electronics. Among the consumer electronics that are going to be working some of the best deals of the season in electronics stores are laptop computers and of course, big screen televisions.

Most people who were planning on getting a big screen TV this year have already done so on their Black Friday shopping. However, the items that go on sale during that sale day are usually the cheaper store brands. That’s because in order to attract as many customers as possible in the store, it is best to list the lowest price that is possible on the advertising circular. That often means citing prices after mail-in rebates and whatever else retailers can do to show a rock bottom price. But as for the brand name models, although they get reduced during those holidays, they are nowhere near the prices of the off-brands and store brands. That’s part of the reason why January and February is a great time to buy.

However, the driving force behind this is that the Consumer Electronics Show happens in Las Vegas in January every year and stores are looking at the brand new models that are being offered at the show, and wanting to fill their shelves with them. That means cutting the prices on the models that they now have in stock and getting them out the door. “A lot of times the differences between 2013 and 2014 are very small upgrades, so the average person who just wants a new TV [does] just as well buying a 2013 model,” said DealNews senior editor Louis Ramirez. Look for reduced prices on TV’s, computers, fitness devices and gaming consoles.