When it comes to breakfast, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Cereal, oatmeal and basic eggs are staples in houses across the country, but there’s an abundance of other options to consider. If you’re bored of serving up the same tired foods, then try these smart ideas for getting your family excited about breakfast again.

4 Inspirational Breakfast Ideas To Get Your Fam Out Of That Morning Rut

Pump up the Protein with Pancakes

Pancakes may be high in sugar and can leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon, but you don’t have to make them with flour. A great alternative uses ground up oatmeal, egg whites, pumpkin puree, and a bit of baking powder to create fluffy and filling cakes that are high in protein. Add a bit of pumpkin spice, no calorie sweetener and vanilla extract for a breakfast treat that your kids will love when the weather turns cool.

Get Them Involved with Omelets

When it comes to omelets, it’s best to let the kids get involved. Put out a collection of ingredients, including cooked sausage and crumbled bacon, cheese and vegetables. Let the kids choose what will go in the omelets and then cook to order. Serve up a piece of bread on the side and you’ll have a breakfast hit that your family will ask for throughout the year.

Mix It Up with Bagels

People of all ages love bagels and flatbread. Rather than offering basic toast that your kids may be getting tired of, shake things up by putting out some thin bagels and flatbread from places like Klosterman Baking Company. Pick up some flavored cream cheese to add some variety, or make your spouse an egg sandwich using soft scrambled eggs, some shredded cheddar, and a bit of ham.

Round It Out

It’s easy to serve up some eggs or cereal, but you can keep things interesting by rounding out the morning meal. If your child wants cereal and you want something healthier, then put banana slices in the milk. Fresh berries are an amazing addition to basic oatmeal. You can also introduce your kids to some traditional dishes like cream of wheat served with a fresh bowl of fruit and some ham. Just as it’s important to eat a healthy, well-rounded meal for dinner, you should make an effort to serve up a good blend of food groups with breakfast.

Start the day off on the right foot with meals that are healthy, delicious and enjoyable. Use these easy menu ideas to take your simple dishes and make them more interesting. Your family will look forward to coming to the table once again.