You might be wondering that Kerala, being one of the most southern states of India, close to theequator will be one of the hottest states in the tropical country. If you think so, we urge you to think again. The magnificent Western Ghats that run through the state of Kerala make it one of the most mesmerizing and cool places in India to visit. Sure, Kerala does offer you calm, serene and a culturally rich experience. However, it can do much more than that!

Feeling bored, and want to spice up your life? Then, wait no more and pack your bags because Yatra is giving you an unmissable chance to go on an adventurous journey. With our Kerala adventure tour packages, you can have unlimited fun in God’s Own Country. The majesty of the hills, the beauty of the palm-fringed beaches, the serenity of the backwaters, and the enchantment of the forests will bowl you over. We, at Yatra, design a wide range of itineraries so you can explore the state to the fullest and experience the best vacation of your life.

Adventures In Kerala That Can Leave You Spellbound

These adventures in Kerala promise to leave you spellbound.

Sandalwood Forests in Marayoor

Who knew that a peaceful place can simultaneously be a home to fun and adventurous rides too? The sandalwood forests of Marayoorare located only 40 km away from the rich town of Munnar. When you’ve had your share of uneasy travel from Cochin to Munnar and acomfortable long night’s rest, you can visit this place to relive your childhood again. These forests cater to the needs of kids with adventure parks in the forest along with some beautiful grass laden scenes for the adults to click some great pictures.

Elephant Ride at Thekkady

Riding an elephant is customary for every person who visits Kerala. Several locals say that your trip to Kerala is incomplete if you do not ride an elephant at Thekkady. Believe us, when we say that the 5-minute experience of riding an elephant, with no strings attached, is one of the most surreal experiences that you will face in your life. You also get to click some great pictures with these elephants! The locals have mastered the art of living in cohabitation with them. A small trick that the elephant trainers use to show off their skills is convincing the elephant to bend down on one knee and place their trunk on your head.

Backwaters at Alleppy

You’ve got to take a boat ride in the backwater lagoons at Alleppy to really feel in sync with the beautiful nature of the state. The slow and steady backwater rides at Alleppy will give you a beautiful insight of life that trickles down through the wandering minds of people searching for peace.

A trip to Kerala is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you just cannot afford to miss. Make sure that you consider a Kerala tour package that consists of these experiences as part of the wholesome deal.