Some of you might find it astonishing to realize that technology has already taken 90 percent of jobs humans used to do. Still, there are some industries who are slow to adopt automation, which is really the future of humans.

One of such industries that have been reluctant to adopt technology is the printing industry. According to Steven Letcher, a Senior Marketing Executive at Rayacom “There is no dearth of innovation in the printing industry which is evident thanks to inventions like teardrop flags or UV business cards but still the industry places a lot of faith in humans to ensure that the results are perfect, which is a mistake as human resource management often takes a big chunk out of a company’s profits.”

What are the Advantages of New Automation and Control Systems for Printing Machines and Equipment?

This statement by Letcher has brought us back to the prime question, what are the advantages of new automation and control systems for printing machines and equipment. Fortunately, there are many answers to this question, and all of them are briefly explained below.

Understanding Workflow Automation

Before we delve into the details of advantages of new automation and control systems for printing machines and equipment, it’s smart to learn the basics. Let’s start by knowing what workflow automation is. Workflow is the name given to flow or amount of work that takes place to and from a content generator to production print provider. Automation means using information technologies and control systems to reduce the need for human work.

The Biggest Benefits

If you decide to automate the printing process and you make use of new automation and control systems to manage printing machine and equipment, you will end up eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks, make the process more efficient and hence will save a lot of money. When you save money in production and material costs, you can surely increase your profits and accelerate your growth.

What it Involves?

When you opt for purchasing new automation and control systems for printing machines and equipment from a reliable provider like Equustek Solutions Inc., you will have the following advantages.

The Advantages

Ø  Beat the Competition

When you adopt automation, you gain an edge over the competitors as you will be able to complete the same number of tasks in a less amount of time and it will improve your turn around time.

Ø  Fewer Errors

If you are taking the help of technology to offer printing services, you will ensure that there are fewer errors as automation tools will highlight all errors and allow you to eliminate them before every print.

Ø  Better Speed

The number of jobs printed per hour will rise when you adopt automation as technology works faster than humans and doesn’t seem to need as many breaks as human employees do.

Ø  Enhanced Productivity

Your productivity will be increased manifold if you go for automation in printing as all the processes will be optimized, the job capacity per hour will increase and the delivery times will also be shorter.

Ø  Improved Self Service

You enhance customer satisfaction for all the clients by allowing them to submit their own jobs in a quick and efficient manner.

Ø  No Repetition

When you automate printing processes, you will ensure that there is no repetition of tasks as they often waste precious time.

Ø  Advanced Customer Service

Adoption of automation means that the employees won’t be involved much in production. They can use the time they have on hand to boost innovation and customer satisfaction.

Ø  No Wastage

When printing is automated, you get to save money on supplies like toner because there will be fewer errors and hence, low consumption of the raw materials.

Ø  Strict Compliance

Miscommunication is often a human error. Machines won’t mistake the client brief and deliver an unacceptable product so client brief will always be complied with.

Ø  Maximum Output

If automation is adopted by a company in the printing industry, it gets to use all the equipment to their maximum ability as breaks are minimal.

Ø  Timely Maintenance

Automation also makes room for scheduled maintenance of machines and equipment which means that your company will rarely have to deal with a breakdown and reactive maintenance issues.

Ø  Low Labor Costs

When automation takes over human jobs, you will save on labor costs and will be able to hire the most innovative minds to take your company forward.


In essence, it can be seen that there are numerous advantages of automation and control systems for printing machines and equipment. So, you better start considering it from today and take steps to make it an essential part of your organization.