It starts out like any other Monday morning. You wake up, rush through the morning routine, grab your car keys and set off for work. It’s the same scene on the road into the city. There’s bumper-to-bumper traffic, so you decide to take the longer route to work, the one where high-speed trucks and trailers ply regularly. Out of nowhere, you see a huge vehicle bearing down upon you and you have less than a millisecond to react before the truck rams into your back fender and thrusts your car into a tailspin! In no time, you’re staring at the white interiors of a hospital room, hooked up to machines that monitor your heart rate and have your arm and leg in splints.

The point now is, are you financially safe as well? Do you have a lawyer who can safeguard your interests and ensure that you get paid what is due to you? Will the truck driver and the trucking company be hauled up for negligent driving? Sadly, many victims of truck accidents suffer in this aspect as they choose not to secure the services of a good truck attorney. They assume that they can handle all of it themselves and try to get the damages paid by the trucking company.

What most people do not understand is that they stand to lose a terrible amount of time, energy, good health and money in an accident of this magnitude. The good news is that they needn’t face it alone. The various State laws have clear provisions for accident victims to lay claim to their rights in these scenarios. A good truck lawyer would know all of this and can prove to be an invaluable asset to the injured party.


In the mistaken notion that you are saving yourself money by not hiring a lawyer, you stand to lose far more than what you had originally gained.

Rule # 1: Don’t just accept what the trucking company offers you at first glance. Most likely, they are trying to get out of paying you far more. A lawyer would glance through the facts of your accident and advise you clearly on what would need to be done to ensure that the company bears the maximum monetary damage.

Rule # 2: Trucking accidents are different in league and description from other motor accidents. Just the fact that it is 80, 000 tons of vehicle smashing into a small car, is in itself liable for many litigation suits. Only a board-certified and qualified attorney would be able to decipher the fine print in these cases and get the most out of the terrible situation.


Rule # 3: There are multiple reasons behind large-scale trucking accidents ranging from distraction of the driver and drug use, to inexperience at the wheel. Certified trucking attorneys will do the deep-rooted investigation necessary to fish out the real reason behind the accident. This would also entail having the attorney at the scene of the accident soon after it occurs. Trucking companies generally have their lawyers on call for such scenarios. So, it makes sense for the victims to have their lawyers easily available as well.

Rule# 4: Determine a lawyer based on experience and results. Do not opt for the lawyer that the trucking company suggests as it is likely that they will hire someone who may have vested interests. Always check the credentials of the company that you hire, the past cases they have worked on and the results they have got. It is understandable that you may not be physically fit to accomplish this research after an accident, so enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend to do this for you.

Remember, you may have faced the accident alone, but you needn’t be isolated in the aftermath. Call a good lawyer today!

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