Have you ever seen a lectern? If you have been in any speech events, forums, contests, and etc, I’m sure you have seen one. Lectern is a type of many platforms. It has a slanted top which made it good for the written material easily read during a presentation. As you have heard, lecterns might be as simple as that, however, there is actually a wide variety of styles and designs of such.

When it comes to the position types of the lectern, the market offers several of them. First type is a straight up and down rectangular box that has a slanted surface at the top which is a good placement for the reading material. However, this podium requires its users to stand while speaking or delivering his lecture. The second position type is good to be used for sitting presentations.

It is mostly used especially in a panel discussion presided over by a moderator wherein he can use the slanted top to hold notes and discussion questions, along with reading material. And the final position type of a raised platform is a combination variety. Its multi-purpose stacking podium can either be used for the standing speaker or a seated speaker. With this, this position type has the most versatility available in one individual lectern.

On the other hand, not only the position types should be look for when choosing lecterns, its features should be taken into consideration, also. First is the audio. Lecterns should have audio inputs and outputs so that it is possible for the speaker or lecturer to be heard by the listeners throughout the place. However, an audio support is to be purchased according to your purpose. When choosing a reading platform, audio support’s necessity depends on the users’ purpose of using it.

Second is lighting. Most reading platforms need some form of nearby lighting in order to make what they are reading easily visible. Reading lamps is a good solution to make reading easier for the speakers. These lamps are available in many forms. They can be plain and simply functional, or they can be very ornate. When choosing a podium with a lamp, you should have the lamp that suits your purposes and its light is good enough to make your reading material readable.

Third and the last on the list are the basic materials of raised speaking platforms which are composite wood materials, hardwoods, acrylic or plastic. Among these materials, the most expensive ones and the best one to be used because of its products’ beauty are the hardwoods since they are very durable and can be repaired rather than having to be replaced immediately when they get worn. Buying such expensive material is still worth it because of its durability.

If you wanted something that is less expensive, then the composite wood stand is the better choice, however, their finished products are usually fairly attractive. They give a general impression of the warmth of wood, even though they are not hardwood. Either kind is easy to fit out for audio and lighting.