We All Want to be Happy, Right?

So what’s stopping us? Bills, jobs, weather, body fat… Your list might look different, but I’ll bet there are some similarities. I hear this all the time “I’ll be happy when I get “the weight” off”. The weight. The weight. It is bigger than life. It is the source of all evil in our lives. The weight. To me, “the wait” is the problem. I hate waiting. Stop lights, doctors, mail, etc. You name it, I hate “the wait”. But,

What can be Done About it?


The first thing that needs to be take place is acceptance. The only reason we are displeased with something is because we have expectations of something else. When I go somewhere, I want to go there. I don’t want to sit at a stop light for four minutes. When I decide to lose “the weight” I want it gone, now. But that is not reality and if we think it is reality we will be disappointed and frustrated and unhappy.

Think of the tenacious force of water. Pushing against it is hard and fruitless. But, working with the flow of water and accepting its natural ability to push to the ocean will allow change to happen. Learning how to accept your strengths and limitations will allow you to be happy and Live Fit.

Accept and Be Happy

“I’m Committed, Now Let Me See Results”

What if you are finally eating right and exercising frequently and are ready to be a healthy fit person? I have heard the following more times than I can count “I have been working really hard and I don’t see any progress”. However, with further digging I am able to determine that this person has seen progress, but it is not as great as they’d like. However, “the weight” was not deposited on their body overnight and it’s not going to come off that quickly either. The truth is, fat can gather quicker than it can be burned off. So patience must be exercised, as well as the body, to allow the fat to go away. Diligence to healthy and sensible eating, daily vigorous physical activity and the right attitude are all needed for fat loss.

No Shortcuts to Success

Besides that, what can be done to be happy before we reach our goal? First of all acceptance is top priority. We must first accept that the process WILL take time. There is no shortcut or magic potion to fat loss. Any diets or drugs or devices that make you believe otherwise are not healthy, real, or long lasting. You may lose weight on a diet relatively quickly, but you will gain it back. I have a sign on my wall that says “Dieters Never Win”. Have you ever met one that did?

Be Yourself

Another thing to accept is who you are and how you are. This does not mean you should give up. Strive to be the best you can be. But, hinging all your happiness on your desire to lose your excess body fat is not healthy nor is it realistic. Genetics plays a huge role in your physique. You can improve, but you cannot change beyond what your genes allow. Trying to look like someone else will not allow you to be happy or satisfied.

Be Happy With Yourself

I used to want to have six-pack abs. I worked really hard for years. I was very lean and ate very well and had strong abs, but I never had a six-pack. I was a personal trainer and could help others achieve this status, but my genetics would not allow me. I felt very bad about myself. I finally accepted that it was not in my genes and I gave that fight. I didn’t give up on being fit, strong or lean, but I was much happier after accepting what I had. It was really a big relief once I made that acceptance. I did not change my habits after that, I continued to strive for great fitness, but I was much happier knowing that I wasn’t working for impossibility.

The Bottom Line Find the inner peace in yourself. Find the love. You are beautiful, handsome, smart, and interesting. Accept your body as it is and strive for living with good, healthy habits. If you live healthy, you will be healthy. If you think positive, you will feel positive. The fat will gradually disappear as your body realizes it doesn’t need it anymore. Once you are happy with yourself, and accepting of yourself, everything else will be much easier, and happier.

Author Bio:

Glenn D Johnson is a health and fitness educator. He shares information on improving your health and fitness through his blog, podcast, and health improvement, weight loss programs. You can learn more at livefitlean.com.