Sleep! Though we always underestimate the importance the importance of sleep, it has huge impact on our life. Very few of us know that the sleep is the time for the body and the cells to undergo a process in which the tear and wear mechanism takes place. This is the time span which is effective for the overall health. However some are not so fortunate to have a sound sleep and they become the victim of sleep disorders. Here in this write up, we are going to discuss about Narcolepsy which is one of the common slumber issues, often ignored due to lack of knowledge about the same.

Narcolepsy, in easy words is the inability to sleep in the night which causes daytime sluggishness. In scientific terms this is a chronic neurological disorder. This affects the normal sleep-wake cycle of the body and hampers everything. The effects include less productivity, laziness and mental disturbance. This disorder affect6s anyone regardless of age and gender. One has to get a proper treatment to get rid of it. We will see the treatment options but before that I would like to elaborate the causes of narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy – What Is It And What Can Be Done For It?

What Causes Narcolepsy?

  • Unfortunately, our efforts have not pain enough to what causes this issue in people. However studies have come up within their results showing a link of genetic inheritance.
  • Another reason for the person to suffer from this issue might be the lack of sleep regulating hormone named as orexin or hypocretin.
  • Narcolepsy is also known to have autoimmune reasons. Immune cells affect the orexin producing cells and thus it results in the narcolepsy symptoms such as daytime sleepiness.
  • There are possible trigger for the issue to show up in an individual and these include sudden change in sleeping position and timings.
  • An infection such as flu or streptococcal infection can also put you in this situation.
  • Moreover having a Pandemrix vaccine for flu can also cause the same.

Now it’s time to know the symptoms of narcolepsy. These symptoms might seem regular ones. However there are some signs which specify this disorder. Go through the list given below:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness – This is the most common symptom of narcolepsy. It is characterized by sleeping anytime, anywhere. The time span of such sleep varies from few minutes to even half-hour. Once you are awake from such slumber, you feel fresh but the problem is you sleep again. This is surely a headache as it interrupts work balance and creates uneasiness. This also results in the abated alertness.
  • Cataplexy – In simpler words, this is known as loss of muscle tone. It comes with lot more physical changes such as slurred speech and completely weakens muscles. This phase too, stays from few seconds to minutes. Cataplexy is triggered due to various factors too. These include anxiety, fear, laugh and tears too. Some might experience this on daily basis or once/twice in a year. Not every sufferer of narcolepsy evidences the same.
  • Hallucinations – These are of two types of which hypnagogic and hypnopompic. The former ones develop immediately as you fall asleep while the later one occurs when you wake up. This also happens when you are semi-awake.
  • Sleep paralysis – People dealing with narcolepsy often experiences this issue. This is indicated with the temporary ability to move or speak while you are in sleep. Again, not every sufferer having sleep paralysis is the victim of narcolepsy and vice versa.

Narcolepsy is treatable if you locate the symptoms. Many times it becomes difficult to treat the condition because symptoms go unnoticed. However now you are aware of them and it’s time to see what the treatments are.

  • Home remedies – Though narcolepsy is not as common as cold and cough that can be treated with home remedies alone. However you can pair them up with medicines for better results.
  • Medications – Your doctor can put you on nootropic medicines. These include Modafinil, Provigil drug which help you to stay awake in the daytime.
  • Lifestyle changes – Quitting smoking, alcohol also helps in regaining regular sleep-wake cycle. Go for healthy life cycle for better sleep.

Narcolepsy is certainly not end of life and the possibilities to get rid of this sleep disorder are endless. you just need to have patience and solid efforts to beat it.