In case if you are heading to labor then a pregnancy contraction timer will help you provide an idea of the same. With the help of a stopwatch or clock, you can time the contractions. The duration and frequency can be found out, but it may not prove to be that precise. The need of the hour is a reliable tool for the would-be mothers so that they are able to time the contractions. There are some contractions which go on to do the job for you in an automatic manner. One can go on to download it and then share it with their family and friends.

When it is the true contractions they tend to start from the back and then spread towards the abdomen. The false ones known as the Braxton Hicks is found only in the belly and it does go on to cause the hardening part. It is only that painful as well. At a time you are going to experience 4 to 5 times and it is then going to fade away. The true ones, on the other hand, get stronger and become more painful with the passage of time

It is seldom seen that you might find it difficult to distinguish the true contractions from the false ones. The false ones tend to take place in the weeks leading up to the childbirth. They do vary on the intensity front and it may seem to a woman that they are heading to labor.

As far as the false contractions are concerned, it does go on to prepare the body for the hard days to come. They are irregular, short and you can say that it is not painful as well. Normally they tend to take place in the 5th or 7th month of labor and extend until the phase of delivery.

When you are heading to labor it is more in the form of period gains. From a mild or severe stage, it could emerge as well. But at the same time, it tends to differ from one woman to another. A sense of heaviness or acne would be felt in the lower portion of the tummy as well. When it is the false contractions you are going to feel it in the groin area. It does start from the back but would never move to the front.

If after an online contraction timer pregnancy, if you find that it does appear between 3 to 4 minutes and is not going away even after lying on the left side, it is pretty much evident you could be in a stage of labor. Just hop on to the hospital or you could get in touch with your doctor as well. Just specify to the doctor the details of the contractions and in what duration they are occurring. Here you should not stop in between the contractions. Just start with one and then count. Do not begin in the middle.