When you travel in a reliable used car, there are still steps to take to ensure you are safe on the road. From a flat tire to stalling out, there are situations that can be avoided if you simply review a travel checklist before heading out on your vacation

A Travel Checklist For Your Used Car

Have the Car Maintained

Before you hit the road, have the car checked by a mechanic. Get an oil change, tune-up, and have the windshield wipers and brakes checked. Keep records of the maintenance done on your vehicle to make sure you keep up with it. This will ensure that your quality used car is always ready for future road trips.

Charge It Up

Stalling out often comes from a lack a battery power. Check the date on your battery and make sure the terminals are clean. Often a little baking soda and water can help get them clean. Make sure to have jumper cables and a portable battery in your vehicle for emergencies. It is also helpful to put together an emergency repair kit with basic tools, flares, water, and other necessities you may need on the road. Consider putting a blanket, first aid kit and extra snacks in the vehicle.

Check the Tires

Look for balding spots, nails, irregularities, and other problems that could lead to a flat tire during a long road trip. Invest in a can of flat tire fix, patches, a spare tire, and an inflation kit in case your tires need air when you are not near a service station.

Avoid Overload

When people go on a road trip, they often pack too much. While it is important to have everything you need, make sure you aren’t putting too much weight in your vehicle. This can slow you down and even lead to repairs on the road.

Consider Technology

Keep technology on-hand to help you along the way. A portable GPS, a cell phone, and a charger are all key items to have during a road trip. Think about investing in a roadside assistance plan that offers towing and quick fixes if you need them. Have warranties, licenses, insurance , proof of registration, and other paperwork handy so it can be easily found. Plan your route, check traffic updates, and be aware of road conditions to stay safe.

With a bit of planning, preparation and patience, your next road trip can be a total success. Even if something happens to your vehicle along the way, you’ll be ready for it.