When deciding on whether or not you want to install a home security alarm system in your house, some families come to one dilemma:  Will I have false alarms with my pet roaming around the house?  Are there home security systems that are pet-immune?  Can’t I use my pet as an alarm?  There are actually different alarms and sensors that can be used to accommodate houses with pets.


Motion Sensors

The most known home alarm system are motion sensors, and even though you might understand this system more than others, it’s the hardest to pet-proof.  Motion sensors are recommended to be place in large areas or main hallways in the home so it can sense a warm body moving through or passed the area.  Most standard motion detectors are made to only go off if is more than 40 pounds and this could be a good option for you if you have a smaller pet.  The new pet-immune motion sensors are made to allow your 40-100 pounds pets roam freely around the house.  When you do pick out your motion sensor alarm, make sure it will adjust to your pet’s type, size and habits to avoid any false alarms.

Glass Break Sensor

A glass break sensor is set off by hitting a high decibel of noise which is only often reached by glass breaking.  The downfalls to this sensor is that many burglars tend not to break glass when entering the home, instead they try to open windows or pick locks.  Also, a dog’s bark can sometimes set off the alarm, and the noise will magnify with hard floor surfaces in a home.

Pets Aren’t an Alarm

Although it is partially true that dogs are a form of security for your home, it’s just not enough.  Pets can be helpful to intimidate an intruder, but odds are that the burglar will scare, distract or possibly hurt your pet first.  It’s a better idea to invest in a home alarm system than to completely rely on your pet for the security of your home.

Families can do small things that will help their pets not give any false alarms.  It’s as easy as closing doors all the way so pets can’t move them.  Also, double check to make sure windows are closed so your alarm system doesn’t think someone is coming through the window when it’s really your cat.  Take preventative measures so both your home and pet can stay safe when you’re away.

The author of this article is Chase Sagum, a home security editor and expert at BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com where he ranks and reviews the Best Home Security Companies in the industry.