A person’s health can be a strange and funny thing. Everything can be going just fine and then all of a sudden, it is as if the whole world is caving in with no warning or explanation. While illnesses can sometimes be easy to recognize and diagnose, there are also times where symptoms just do not make sense and many wrong diagnoses occur before a physician can finally come up with the right one. Get to know some of the surprising symptoms of hypothyroidism, a disorder that is commonly misdiagnosed many times before discovered. Then, you can better determine if you may be suffering from this condition and get the help and treatment you need from Hotze Health and Wellness Center here in Houston, Texas.

8 Surprising Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

One: Extreme Fatigue

Many people who suffer from hypothyroidism can trace their problems back to one early symptom, extreme fatigue. If you go from being a highly energetic person who can get through the work day just fine one day, to being so fatigued that you can barely get out of bed or stay vertical the next, you may be having problems with your thyroid.

Two: Unexplained Weight Gain

Hypothyroidism simultaneously slows down your metabolism and leads to water retention by the organs that normally work to expel excess fluids out of the body. Pair that with the sudden extreme fatigue that many people experience, and you have the perfect recipe for serious weight gain. Even if you are eating as healthy as you always have, weight gain may still occur with hypothyroidism.

Three: Trouble Sleeping

On top of being extremely fatigued and tired all the time, hypothyroidism can also make it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep. This, of course, only further adds to your fatigue and general sense of malaise.

Four: Mental Fogginess or Confusion

Hypothyroidism can also affect your mind in a variety of ways. One of the main effects it has is on your ability to focus and concentrate. You may find yourself forgetting things that you should and do know, like loved ones’ names, birthdays, your work schedule, and even where you left your phone or keys even when you have just put them down. This mental fogginess and confusion can have a major impact on your life and well-being.

Five:  Low Tolerance to Cold

A large number of people who suffer from hypothyroidism find that they get cold very easily and have a low tolerance to cold temperatures. If you find yourself constantly bundling up while everyone else is sweating away, you likely have a problem on your hands.

Six: Depression

Depression is another mental symptom of hypothyroidism. From the lack of function of the thyroid as well as the other symptoms, it is easy for a person to begin to feel defeated and as if there is no escape from their malaise and general feelings of being unwell. This can quickly spiral into major clinical depression.

Seven: Muscle Weakness and Sore Joints

On top of all that, physical pain and weakness are also common yet surprising symptoms of hypothyroidism. Simple tasks like walking to your car or carrying groceries into the house can become all but impossible as your muscles cannot handle the tasks. You may also experience joint pain, particularly in your hips and legs, especially after any physical activity.

Eight: Thinning Hair

Thinning hair (as well as dry skin) are two of the most outwardly noticeable symptoms of hypothyroidism and can also contribute to depression. Because the thyroid is not releasing the hormones and chemicals that help to maintain the hair and skin, hair can fall out and large patches of thick and flaky dry skin can develop.

Now that you know 8 of the surprising symptoms of hypothyroidism, you can better tell if you may be suffering from this condition. Contact Hotze Health and Wellness if you suspect that you have an underactive thyroid so that you can begin to get the help and treatment you need to feel like yourself again.