You might notice your shower head is dripping away some water or is splashing it in all sorts of directions during your shower as well. This is very annoying problem and it can also cause you problems by causing you lose money on your water bill.

It might seem that your shower head looks rather new and in good condition and you shouldn’t be too concerned, with these quick tips you can easily fix your shower head.

Check Out The Holes In Your Shower Head


This is very common cause for shower head leakages. Over time minerals like lime that is in the water can clog the little holes. You can easily clear any material from the shower head yourself.

You should turn off the water supply in the house and unscrew the top part off from your shower head. Leave this part in for instance white vinegar over night to help dissolve the minerals.

After you have had it in the vinegar over night or for around ten hours you can easily remove the minerals by just wiping the surface clean or by sticking a toothpick through the little holes in the shower head.

You can then reattach the shower head. Vinegar is a great solution to help clean the shower head occasionally even if you don’t have any visible problems.

Check The Condition Of The Rubber Valve

This is another very common reason behind a leaking shower head. This rubber part is the one located right around the shower head and can wear off in use. you can also replace this part alone to your shower head, without having to change the whole shower head. You should turn of the water supply and screw off the collar nut and replace the old rubber valve.

Make sure that you get the right size and model to your shower head. Another great way of making this rubber part even tighter is to use some plumbers tape around the threads. Once you have screwed the parts back together you can turn on the water.

Get A Professional To Look At Your Shower Head

ShowerThese two simple steps should help you with locating the problem. If for some reason your shower head is still leaking it might be that you have a bigger problem in your plumbing or within the shower head.

You can try replacing the shower head, this is especially good if you feel it looks damaged or very old. In some situations it might be wise to contact your local plumber to let them check your property and see if there is a bigger water problem in the house.

A great way to help reduce the problem of leakages is also to get a water saving shower head that uses lower water flow or to reduce the overall water pressure in the household.

Most of the times shower head leakages aren’t that serious and can be fixed by checking out the two conditions mentioned in the article. So don’t panic, your problem will most likely be easily fixed.

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