The primary reason why people use drugs is to alter their state of mind. Although this euphoric sense can be enjoyable and addicting, the physical damage that is being caused to your body can become irreversible over time. In reality, there is no such thing as a safe drug as each compound has lasting physical effects. What are some common ailments seen in those that abuse substances?

Heart Complications

A common side effect of many drugs is the modifications they make to your heart rate. While some will speed up your pulse, others may drop it to dangerously low levels. This constant fluctuation can have lasting repercussions and can develop irregularities that may become fatal over time.

Common Contracted Diseases

One of the more dangerous aspects of some drugs is how easily diseases can be spread. According to Natasha Tracy of, sharing needles and even tubes used for snorting can infect you with HIV or variants of hepatitis. When you do drugs with others, you are sharing their illnesses as well as the substance.

7 Ways Drugs Can Damage The Body

Misfiring Neurons

Most substances that are abused begin to deteriorate areas of the brain. Each time you get high, you run the risk of further brain damage. This can affect everything from remembering science class in high school to fine motor skills. Your brain controls every aspect of your body, and damage to it can keep you from performing even the simplest of tasks.


Eating healthy isn’t just for those that are looking to lose weight. The body uses everything it consumes for basic survival. As many drugs stunt your eating habits, you can quickly begin to feel the effects of malnutrition. Without proper nutrients and minerals, this problem can quickly become fatal.

General Physical Attributes

Drugs such as meth can alter your physical appearance in many ways making you unrecognizable even to loved ones. According to this post, drugs such as meth can cause hallucinations and abnormal behaviors that can cause you to damage yourself as well as suffer from internal effects. Sores, scars, blemishes and discolored skin are only some of the damages caused by using these substances.

Liver Damage

The liver is one of those body parts that you cannot live without. As many substances cause damage directly to your liver, the overall effects will be fatal if not treated early. Although alcohol is one of the more common culprits of this damage, many other types of illegal substances can be just as deadly.

Irrational Decisions

In the use of drugs, your ability to rationalize is compromised leading you to make very poor choices. Although this is more of a mental condition, your choices can lead to physical complications such as choosing the wrong sexual partner or advanced hallucinations causing you to harm yourself in other ways.

You don’t have to be under the influence to enjoy life to its fullest. There is more to the world than what you currently perceive. According to this post, each person is unique and may require tailored therapy in order to regain their life. Don’t assume that your substance of choice is the only way you can survive. Professionals can show you a whole new way to live without your dependencies.