With the passage of time, your ageing symptoms will start giving hints to take care of the skin before it is late. Many dermatologists use various techniques, surgeries and tools to prevent these ageing symptoms on the women. Women are more conscious about their appearance and beauty, than men and why not? After all, the word beauty is meant for women and they deserve every bit of it to look beautiful all throughout their life.

To tackle with ageing symptoms is not that easy, especially when the skin starts becoming wrinkled. Here is a six step guide that will help you to deal with it smoothly. This guide focuses more on ways to prevent wrinkles:

1. Do not Curse your Genes:

You cannot deny the fact that every person is made with different genes and body structure. Thus, some people may show the ageing symptoms faster and some will still take some time. To an extent, these also depend on how soon have you started using the cosmetics. The scientists are struggling hard to deeply understand on how the genes affect the age and differ from person to person. However, according to the studies, your genes are only responsible for 30% of your ageing and the rest 70% entirely depends on you. So stop cursing yourself or your genes and stopped being stressed about the same.

4 Step Guide That Will Help You With A Wrinkle Free Life

2. Eat a Nutritional Diet and Drink Healthy Drinks:

Lack of proper intake of water is the main cause of wrinkles. You have to drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated all the time. Besides, drink and eat those foods, that contain a good amount of water, such as; watermelon, cucumbers, green tea, pomegranates, oranges,  blueberries, etc.. There are some foods that even act as antioxidant and protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. These are lemon, apples, green tea and many more that you may find on the internet.

3. Switch to Herbal Products than the Cosmetics:

Face is the most sensitive area of your body and heavy cosmetics may damage it in the long run. Continuous use of body lotions, foundation base packs, concealers and related stuff can damage your skin cells. To avoid these, switch to herbal products, and if the skin has already started showing up the wrinkles, check with your doctor if you can begin with herbal Botox for wrinkles.

4. Be Happy and Less Stressed:

Stress is going to make the situation worse that finally your body will start throwing it out on your skin. Physical issues can be taken care of, but there is no cure of stress. Thus, it is necessary that you keep yourself happy. If you have little time to give to yourself, you can always check with your doctor, to proceed with Botox for wrinkles and then follow the maintenance program to sustain your beauty. Whatever decision you take, it is extremely important that you remain happy.

About the Author:

Mary Johnson, is a cosmetologist and has written many books on the secrets to a woman’s beauty. Her recent book has gained good demand for her work on herbal Botox for wrinkles.