Nail art kolinsky brushes are the most used and classic types of nail art brushes and they are used predominantly for the purpose of making beautiful acrylic designs on the nails. Using these below mentioned 7 kolinsky brushes is the best option if you are looking for some nail art brushes for decorating your nails with nail art.


As the name suggests, this type of kolinsky brush is used for making or adding dots within the nail art pattern. To be specific, it is used for the purpose of adding a final touch to the overall nail art design that sits on your nails. It come

Fan brush

The brush is given the name because of the brush appearance that it has. Due to the shape and texture of the nail art brush, it can be used for multiple purposes like creation of swirls, shading and sprinkling glitter on the nail art. It is also used sometimes when you need to brush off some excess of glitter or powder from the surface of the nail.  

Flat brush

Another name given to the flat brush is that of the shader brush and the reason why it is given such a name is that it helps a lot in shading different parts of the nail art design. These are the ideal kolinsky brushes for creating long fluid strokes at different points on the nail. Apart from shaping, it can be used for blending shades and for stroking different patterns.

Round Brush

The most common out of all the nail art brushes used for the act is the rounded brush. The ideal use of round kolinsky brushes is to make essential intricate designs and different types of stroke patterns. These are the type of brushes that are used for making 3D nail art designs making use of acrylic powders or monomers.

Liner Brush

The function of these brushes are quite evident from the name itself, they are used for the purpose of lining over the nail arts. They are ideal for making striping patterns and sometimes even animal patterns as well on the nails. They are quite helpful in getting completely straight lines.

Angled brush

Have you ever wondered how do those flower shaped entities are placed over the nail art and creations? Well! The same is done by making efficient use of these angled brushes which are designed specifically for the same purpose. These are the ideal type of brushes for loading the brushes doubly due to the angled bristles that they possess.

Detailing brush

The purpose of using this one is also quite evident, that they are used for the purpose of adding detailings in the nail art. These nail art brushes are quite precise and therefore are the ideal ones for detailing.

These are some of the plentiful types of kolinsky brushes that are the best for nail art designs and patterns. Using these types nail art brushes can turn your entire nail art game into an exciting one. There are many other types of kolinsky brushes that can be used for the similar purposes.