Whether your small business is online or brick and mortar, you want complete control of your inventory, products and orders. It is important to have the merchandising tools to make this job as easy as possible so you can focus of the area of the business you love most. When one service takes care of all your needs, you can easily communicate with customers, process orders, update databases and even have auto-responders and broadcast messages.

Instant Updates

When your tools are managed by a small business service, you will have access to instant updates on the products in your store catalogue. You can add, delete and edit product descriptions as well as post specials and discounts. It is a huge benefit to your customers when they can see changes in real-time.

With a DOBA catalogue, you can add products as your business increases. For example, if you sell organic cotton baby clothing, you may want to add environmentally friendly laundry products or other organic products that your customers will appreciate finding on one website.

Have Control of Your Business

With the tool of a secure user access, you can control who sees what online. For example, you can provide access to your workforce for specific roles through unique logins. Whether it is a contractor, outside help or your own workforce, you know exactly what part of the business they are seeing with complete confidence that your business’s privacy and sensitive information is secure.

No More Missed Orders

A tool provider will notify you when an order is placed. Even if you are away from the store, you can receive notifications on your smartphone or desktop notifications when you are at your desk. You no longer need to worry about missing orders and constantly checking if an order has been placed. These tools help you upgrade or improve your business without constantly checking on your online business.

Order management tools will also help fill orders faster. They will track orders for status updates, so you have exact information when an order was shipped and the payment received. These tools also provide your customers with access to their own orders and automatically give them the information they want about the status of their order. This tool is not only essential for order management but it also supports good customer service.

Know Where Your Business Stands

Tools for managing merchandising also provide essential statistics about your business and targeted reports for sales. You can learn at a glance which of your coupons are preforming best, what your top-selling products are and what your least selling products are. When the service uses Google Analytics Integration, you can see your ROI.

Online merchandising is how you present your product to make the most sales. In order to do this effectively, a small business needs help. You may make great cupcakes, and believe you can make money selling them online, but if you don’t know how to navigate the online marketing world, your cupcakes will sit in your bakery and get stale.

When you have a professional service company help you organize the nuts and bolts of your online sales, you can focus on the freshness and flavors of your cupcakes and watch them fly off the shelves.