Pop up stands are used at trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, or anywhere you want to create visual interest in a way that can be altered and moved when you need to. The trick to designing an impactful banner stand is to understand your brand and also to understand your audience and your objectives.

6 Design Tips For Creating The Perfect Pop Up Stand

Consider these key points to help you plan an effective banner stand design that will get your brand noticed.

  1. Think About Location

Where are you actually going to put your roll up banner stand? For example, is the stand going to be for many different events or one specific show? Will you need the banner to be used outdoors or inside? Think about how many people will see the banner stand and from what distance.

  1. Include a Call to Action

Think about what you want your visitor to do once they see your banner stand. Consider your USP and then consider how this can be translated into a call to action. It is not as effective to just put a USP on your popup stands without the call to action.

  1. Do You Need Contact Details?

When you are using pull up banners at an exhibition it is probably not your aim to get people to take down your phone number. Maybe you do not need your contact details on the banner stand. They may be more effective when handed out in a flyer or a business card.

  1. Add Social Channels

It is more effective to add the logos of the social media channels you are active on. And make sure you are easy to find on social media by your brand name alone, otherwise it gets complicated.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Banner displays are not the place for extensive information about your company or your vision. It is a good idea to design a pull up banner with minimal information, but designed in a way that really stands out. Save the additional info for brochures or other marketing material people can collect from your stand.

  1. Use Images Wisely

You need to make an impact in a short amount of time, and images can do this. But make sure you choose relevant images that are easy to see, and which fit with your brand.