If you adore the great outdoors, you’re going to appreciate these seven items designed to make outdoor living even more enjoyable:

1. The Grill-cleaning Robot

Who likes scrubbing a nasty, gunked-up grill? Nobody, but a grill-cleaning robot scoffs at your reluctance to get your fingers sticky and black. Its three powerful motors each rotate their own brass brush to scrape and clean your grill in minutes without scratching stainless steel or porcelain grating.

2. The Briefcase Barbecue

If you’re grilling on the run, you can’t go wrong with a stainless steel briefcase that opens to reveal a small charcoal grill complete with stable rubberized legs, a metal cooking grate, and an easy-to-clean ash pan. After dinner, just fold it up and it’s ready for the next remote cookout.

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3. The Tailgating Hammock Set

Hammock chairs are comfy seats, but they need to be hung in trees, right? Wrong. All you need is a trailer hitch and you’ve got the base for a pair of poles that easily support two hammock-style swinging seats. The hammocks will each support 250 lbs. and fold up easily for transport.

4. The Packable High Chair

While we’re on the subject of seating, how about the convenience of a fold-out high chair? Constructed like a folding camp chair, the portable high chair is lightweight but has sturdy steel legs to support a child weighing up to 50 lbs. With its plastic-coated tray complete with sippy cup holder, and its shoulder strap carry bag, this high chair makes picnics with baby super convenient.

5. The Phone-charging Emergency Lantern

Hikers and campers take note: even if you’re miles away from civilization, you can have lights and a powered smartphone. This hand-crank emergency lantern has bright white LED lights for illumination, rotating red LED lights to flash a warning, and a USB port to charge phones, iPads, and other devices. When the lantern battery is depleted, turning the crank for one minute will give you ten minutes of light, and this ingenious lantern folds up small for easy packing.

6. The Wireless Indoor/outdoor Speakers

If you need speakers that are tough, waterproof, and wireless, these are the ones you want to own. They’re powered by rechargeable batteries that last 10 hours, the transmitter allows them to pick up signals from devices up to 200 ft. away, and they provide a secure docking port able to hold most devices safely. Best of all, their sound quality is superb, making any backyard party a sure hit.

7. The Cooler you can Drive

If you’ve ever wished your wheeled cooler could drive itself, your desire has been granted. This cooler will hold a case of canned drinks and a bag of ice inside as it hauls you around outside. The electric motor will carry you up to 10 miles away on a single charge at a top speed of 12 mph. It’s got a throttle, brakes, and a steering mechanism that comes off so you can fit the entire little machine in your car trunk.

Thank goodness for all of the intrepid inventors who keep on developing new ways to encourage you to go outside. With all of these nifty new outdoor items at your disposal, it makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors. You can find fun and interesting outdoor items at a great price with offers and coupons for Hammacher Schlemmer.