Convenience stores, drug stores, such as the restaurant, in a typical retail and service industries to be more than one store chain expanded use of POS systems have become the norm. Because POS system, because help solve the various problems in product sales and service providers in a number of stores.

This time taken up such a POS system, it explains whether can solve any such problems specifically in the use of the POS system.

4 Problems Can Be Solved By Use Of The POS System

Four challenges in sales, sales and inventory management in the real store

In the retail and service industries that have deployed a multiple of the actual store, sales management and sales management, there is no problem is less the case that are having such as oysters, such as inventory management.

  • Epidemic of transition violently, with had assess the analyzes sales in the period, such as quarterly selling product is miss the opportunity of sales growth.
  • Because it takes time to grasp the headquarters inventory fluctuation of each store, resulting in opportunity loss due to out of stock timing of commodity purchase is delayed .
  • Such as return or register false hitting correction, miss is likely to occur when the inventory change that are not sales recorded becomes necessary .
  • Now many employees by the expansion of the number of stores, personnel expenses would piling up .

And, it has a POS system to contribute to the resolution of these issues. This is because the POS system, it is because has four benefits that lead to the resolution of this time to introduce the challenge.

Four of the benefits of the POS system

  1. We can collectively manage the sales of each site in real time
    In the POS system, you can tie the management system of the register data and the headquarters of each store directly. Therefore, in the headquarters, it is possible to check the sales information for each store in real time. This leads to an accurate understanding of selling items at each store. Therefore, the introduction of POS system, you can accurately expand the products that capture the epidemic.
  2. It can be prevented opportunity loss due to out of stock
    As described above for the POS system is by linking the cash register data and headquarters management system, management department of the headquarters will be able to grasp inventory number in real time. Therefore, it is possible to perform accurate and rapid commodity order according to the number of stock. Thus the introduction of the POS system, it also leads to preventing the generation of opportunity loss due to out of stock.
  3. It can be accurately performed, such as returns processing
    Since the return process and the erroneous hitting correction processing that are not recorded in sales, such as is prone to mistakes, is often to be a contributing cause of the error between the stock and real on the form. However, in the POS system, this processing also allows you to easily run on the system. For us to automatically adjust the number of inventory on the system in accordance with the processing content is the error also less likely to occur. Therefore, you can do exactly the processing for such as returns processing.
  4. We can significantly reduce labor costs, unattended cash register introduction
    In recent POS system, it may be necessary to have available a POS cash register of a touch panel. In order to be intuitive than traditional keyboard-type POS cash register, it is now possible to shorten the period of education clerk.

In addition, POS cash register unattended expression that the purchasers himself capable of performing the checkout process have emerged. You can significantly reduce the labor costs because it can reduce the number of cash register personnel can be introduced POS system that can be utilized unattended type POS register.

It is possible to take advantage of the POS system also to the sale of the EC site

As this introduction, POS system that also contributes sales and the number of stock to the reduction of management can be labor costs in real time will be very helpful solutions for companies to expand sales in the real store.

In recent years, retail POS systems Software that can manage the sales and inventory of the EC site is not a real shop only have emerged. Many of the systems that were also corresponds to the EC site, it will be able to manage by linking sales and inventory of the actual store and EC site. Therefore POS system, it is has become a tool should also be noted for companies that are also on sale in the EC site.