WordPress is still a web designer’s delight when it comes to themes for a website because of the aesthetic look and feel they have. They like to take looks into account while making a wordpress website because they know that looks are a window that would help users take a tour and experience the products or services offered by the website. Itis like giving customers a feel of what to expect with the product. Along with this factor, WordPress themes also cater to various industries and provide great browser compatibility along with multi-platform responsiveness. In a bid to choose the best WordPress hosting service, a choice of theme also plays a critical role while building a WordPress website. Which is why, we have a list of some of the most outstanding WordPress themes for business and individuals alike which rank high on parameters like- Security, Plugins, Industry compatibility, Looks etc. Let us deepdive into the list, shall we?

  1. Flatsome

6 Outstanding Themes To Draw Inspiration from While Building A WordPress Website.Flatsome is a pretty much of an allrounder when we talk about WordPress themes. That’s because it has this uncanny ability to fit into any category of business. It can be used for e-commerce, real estate, fmcg, financial or even for personal branding. The variations provided by Flatsome are plenty. Moreover, its sleek and sharp edges makes you fall in love with its design. Irrespective of your business being b2b or b2c,  Flatstone will definitely make you look more interesting than the rest of your competitors. Click here for live preview.

  1. Jupiter

6 Outstanding Themes To Draw Inspiration from While Building A WordPress Website.

Jupiter is pretty much one of the fastest themes for your WordPress website. If you want to make sure that your audience stays on their website after their search, Jupiter is a safe bet.  Jupiter is optimized to load pages faster.  Also, installing Jupiter is easy.  Jupiter will provide you with more than 160 page templates and 490 different styles for you to create a stunning WordPress website.  One of the key features of the Jupiter theme is that its first fold is broad and wide. It gives you space to write a great headline, insert an eye pleasing visual and customize the first fold as you please. One of the biggest advantages of doing so is that your users are engaged when you have a story to tell in the first fold itself.

Definitely a 9.5 on 10 if we dare rate it. Click here to feel this theme.

  1. Modern

6 Outstanding Themes To Draw Inspiration from While Building A WordPress Website.Like the name suggests, Modern is a splendid WordPress theme. The gradients of its colour palette are exquisite and much detailed. Which is why it makes a great fit for the creative fraternity. As an artist or a graphic designer or even a business who wants to build a creative website, Modern will provide you with plenty of options to play splash with the colour palette. But let’s not take away its credit for also catering to other business like furniture, house and other equipment businesses etc. Modern as a theme is designed to make your product stand out. So, if your product is a tool or a mug or a heavy object or even a food item for that matter, Modern as a theme will give it an artistic angle that will only make a user’s eyes devour. Click here to know this theme works.

  1. Salient

If there is any WordPress theme that is designed to make content look good, it’s Salient.  Don’t get us wrong with the opening line. But this theme is truly a content writer’s paradise. If you are a business that needs heavy description but want to make sure that it is readable and looks composed, Salient will come to the rescue.  In spite of the fact that it supports content heavy websites it really shows great mobile responsiveness. Also, it has optimized itself for a faster page load time. This has made it all the more reliable and in demand as a theme. Click here to feel this theme.

  1. Bridge

6 Outstanding Themes To Draw Inspiration from While Building A WordPress Website.Are you looking for something really clutter breaking when it comes to the theme of your wordpress hosting website? Bridge is that theme which will break the rules while following them. That is because Bridge is designed to give its users a different experience. Its menu bar does not necessarily start from the left. Nor do the navigation norms follow suit. You will find that in spite of all these not-so-regular things any website usually has, you are compelled to use a Bridge website. Also, this theme does not compromise on the must have features any theme generally has.  As a matter of fact this theme has cleverly put mobile responsiveness, plugins and other features to use. Click here to check this theme out.

  1. Avada

6 Outstanding Themes To Draw Inspiration from While Building A WordPress Website.If you are one of those business who want to make a subtle yet a powerful statement with your website, Avada should be your choice. Its classic and elegant look soothes and calms your eyes without shouting out loud.  A theme should ideally not take more than 3-4 seconds to impress you. Because that’s the average span of any human eye to be intrigued with anything that catches their eye. Avada is a reflection of this thought. Click here for preview.


As you browse through these themes, you will see how different they are from each other but at the same time how well they have been designed to ensure user satisfaction and product-category match. With this list, you may feel that you might have come across better themes. That’s okay, because creativity and sense of aesthetics could be subjective. However, these themes are not purely selected on the basis of aesthetics as we mentioned earlier, but on all parameters which make a WordPress theme whole and complete. Let us hope that these themes inspire you to build a great WordPress website.