Thanks to vaccination, today certain diseases occur much lesser than they used to. When parents are careful and remember to take their kids for vaccinations on time, this is achievable. At the time of vaccinating you must ensure that you purchase a genuine product at the right disposable syringe price. Remember that the outbreaks have not stopped as yet. More babies get sick when fewer babies get vaccinated. Therefore, you should take extra care to ensure that your kid leads a healthy life by protecting him or her with timely vaccination.

6 Childhood Diseases That Can Be Prevented by Timely Vaccines

Here are some of the childhood diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

  • Tetanus – Tetanus is known to kill 1 in every 10 kids who have it. This disease leads to tightening of the jaw that makes it difficult to open the mouth or use it for swallowing. The major symptoms of this disease include tightening of the muscles all over the body.
  • DiphtheriaPrior to the vaccine, there used to be huge outbreaks of this disease that killed many. This ailment can lead to paralysis, breathing problems as well as heart failure. The symptoms include a thick coating in the rear area of the throat making it a challenge to breathe.
  • Hepatitis BThis can cause cancer and liver damage in 1 child out of every 5 children who are infected with the disease. Liver damage and liver cancer can be often caused by Hepatitis B. Some people may have chronic or long term hepatitis B infection. But these people will not always feel or look sick. But keep in mind that they can always infect others.
  • PertussisDeaths have been reported in babies who are less than 3 months of age because of this ailment. Pertussis can turn out to be very dangerous among infants. It can lead to brain damage, seizures, pneumonia and even death. The symptoms can include violent spells of coughing that makes it hard for the baby to breath, drink or eat. These spells can last for a number of weeks.  
  • Pneumococcal DiseasePneumococcal disease can lead to infections of the ears, blood and sinuses, Meningitis which is the infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord, deafness, pneumonia and even brain damage. Almost 1 out of every 15-20 kids who are infected with pneumococcal meningitis tends to die from the infection. The symptoms of this disease include chills, fever, chest pain and cough. Other signs include seizures, meningitis and even rashes.
  • Polio –More than 15,000-20,000 people were paralysed every year in the 1950s. Polio can lead to permanent paralysis of a leg or an arm. Sometimes a person can also not be able to breathe after being infected with polio. The symptoms may include an ailment like that of flu. It may also happen that the person does not show any symptom at all.

There are also some other diseases like Rotavirus, Measles and Influenza that vaccination can prevent. Now that you know how vaccination can create immunity against such serious ailments, make sure that your child is not deprived of any of the crucial vaccinations. Just ensure that you purchase the vaccines from a reputed online medical store so that you get authentic products with no chance of any infection.