Having an excellent curb appeal is our only chance of making great first impression. Many people spend a lot of money on this factor and curb appeal can play a significant factor in highly competitive property market. It is directly related to the aesthetic appeal of our home. Here are five things we could do to improve the curb appeal of our home:

1. Make it greener:

We all know that the energy cost will never go down. By performing energy-saving enhancements in our home, we can assure future owners that they can save money in the long run. We can do this by adding solar panel on the roof for common water heating tasks and even contribute to the power generation. A more affordable way is to install energy-efficient bulbs such as LED or CFL.

Good windows arrangement may eliminate the use of lighting during the day, since we can rely more on sunlight. Cooling cost can be reduced by planting trees that can block sunlight in the afternoon.

5 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

2. Pay attention to the windows:

New blinds, shades and curtains can boost the appeal of our home very quickly. These are small improvements that can make our house much more attractive to any prospective buyer. If we plan to sell our home soon, we should try to emphasize more on quality and attractive colors. To avoid imposing our tastes on future owners, we should choose more neutral color schemes.

3. Clean the house regularly:

If we have a deck, it is important to clean and seal it regularly. Cleaning and maintaining some areas of the house may take time, but it can prevent damages that require high repair costs. A dirty, neglected and rotting deck would really hurt our curb appeal and putting it back to shape will require a huge expense. It is a good idea to ask professionals to inspect our house regularly and ask for advices on required maintenance.

We should maintain the integrity of the roof and immediately fix any leaks. Spending a few dozen dollars each month will prevent us from spending a few thousand dollars in a couple of years.

4. Keep the kitchen organized:

Curb appeal also depends on an organized, neat and clean kitchen. We should organize our countertops should they will look attractive and spacious. We should clean our drawers and cabinets regularly. Kitchen shouldn’t look small and crowded, which could happen if add too many items. In many houses, kitchen is simply the heart of the activity. By prioritizing on an appealing kitchen, we could please potential buyers with minimal effort.

5. Use good paint:

One good step to improve the curb appeal of our house if by applying fresh coats of paint. This should make tired rooms look new and fresh again. Again, although we should choose attractive shades, the color of the paint should be fairly neutral. Also, the smell of a fresh, new paint could affect our psychology and makes future buyers think subconsciously that they are entering a brand new house, although they are fully aware that it isn’t true.

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