1. Check less-Visited Attractions

Backpackers should go to less touristy areas, such as volcanoes, waterfalls and beaches. They can see common wild animals, such as monkeys. It is possible for them to see nice locals and even share great coffee with them. There are many colourful countries that backpackers can visit on a budget. They can experience wonderful things without ever staying in 5-star resorts. As for beaches, they can go to quieter beaches, where sellers won’t bother them. We should ask around to know whether there are community beach towns to visit. If we want to visit volcanoes, we shouldn’t forget to bring weatherproof jacket. We should always bring cameras, because the view can be rather surreal.

2. Don’t stay in Large Cities for Too Long

Large cities often have modern environments that backpackers don’t really try to find. However, we could still visit museum to understand about local culture. We could also check old building in the cities, with their cultural or colonial designs. When travelling inside cities, we shouldn’t get lost and take wrong turns. Many large cities have tourist traps and scammers that target oblivious travellers. If we unknowingly venture to crime-ridden areas, there could be higher risk for mugging, pick-pocketing and others.

3. Try to get lost

Many backpackers actually get true sense of travelling by getting completely lost and have a feeling uncertainty. This is particularly true in safer locations, where locals are friendly and helpful. We should wear sandals, instead of shoes to make ourselves comfortable when travelling in tropical, warm countries. Or prepare thicker clothing and raincoat if we travel in mountainous areas and colder areas. Many backpackers found true gems in areas where taxi and bus are no longer valuable. Things can be so exciting that we burn through more than a few sandals during our trip.

4. Always use Public Transportation whenever possible

In many areas, bus and other public transportation systems can be commonly found and they are affordable. This allows us to meet locals and also save some money. However, we shouldn’t expect a refund if we get on the wrong bus. For this reason, we should properly check bus routes and ask often to make sure that we go to correct areas. Busses in 3rd world countries could cost less than $1 for inter-city trips, while cross country trips can be less than $20 in smaller countries.

5. Have patience

Backpackers shouldn’t expect to get top-notch services all the time. Shower may not get war, water may stop running and busses may break down. WiFi connection could be sluggish and we may find an ant in our sugar bowl. We should expect to find a couple of mosquito bites in the morning. Sleep can be rather uncomfortable due to high heat and humidity. Don’t be surprised if roosters wake up early and start to become noisy at 3AM. Some neighbourhoods could have stray dogs that bark all night and parrots next door could talk incessantly in local languages.