Car insurance is something that everyone must have, as it serves as a financial safety net if you ever get into an accident and is also legally required in most areas. While many people simply purchase the required components of a car insurance policy and forego the rest, there are several additions ways that drivers can bring their insurance rates down to a more affordable price.

  • Shop Around: 

    As a general rule, new driver should always compare multiple car insurance quotes before settling on one company or another in order to find the best discounts possible. Even drivers who have an existing car insurance policy are free to switch to a different policy if they find a better deal. Some car insurance companies will even match the lowest price that you can find if it covers the same components of your existing policy.

  • Buy A Safe Car: 

    While you should always look at car insurance policies before buying a new vehicle, buying a car that is designed to be safe for you as well as other drivers is always a good way to lock in low car insurance rates. Perks such as anti-lock brakes, car alarm systems, and a re-enforced chassis are all things that car insurance companies look for when dishing out low premiums.

  • Choose A High-Deductible Plan: 

    Once you have settled on a specific car insurance policy, it is usually a good idea to choose a plan that will require you to pay a high deductible if you ever get into an accident as it will also provide you with a low monthly rate. Since most drivers only report an accident once every 11 years, on average, and only report a total loss once every 50 years, the chances of you actually needing to pay a deductible are slim. You can also put aside some of the money that you will be saving each month on your low monthly rates to help cover any deductibles that you may ever need to pay. Choosing a high deductible policy is also recommended for anyone purchasing a used vehicle, as the repair costs will probably exceed the value

  • Ask About Discounts: 

    Whether you are planning to purchase a new car insurance policy or are satisfied with your existing policy, ask your car insurance provider about any discounts that they have. Most car insurance companies have discounts for “safe drivers” who rarely get into an accident and always pay their

  • Keep A Good Credit Score: 

    As with everything else, many car insurance companies are now basing their decisions partly on the credit score of their policy holders. By paying your bills on time and making sure that you don’t have too many past-due accounts on your credit score, you can show your car insurance provider that you are reliable and responsible enough to pay your premiums on time, which will likely result in lower insurance premiums.

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