Even when you or your partner is pregnant, romance is still important.

You can’t just stop being romantic and focus everything on the new arrival, without someone feeling left out and alone. So how do you keep the fires of romance burning?

Being Romantic While Pregnant

Have A Date

While a mother to be may not be able to dance because of a sore back, and wine is off limits, a romantic date, or even a nice dinner and a movie should definitely be in the cards.

Plan for a dinner at a nice restaurant, and then go see a movie, play or concert, maybe do a bit of dancing if your up to it.

At dinner talk about something other than upcoming baby, and just relax.

When sitting beside each other be sure to cuddle each other, and remember kissing is encouraged.

Be Spontaneous

As long as you’re obeying doctors orders, go out and do something fun and unexpected. After the first ultrasound, go on a romantic carriage ride in the park, or hop in a boat and go for a spin on the lake.

If her feet are killing her, go out for a professional foot massage together.

When he gets back from work, have him follow a trail of rose petals to the bedroom and enjoy yourselves.Be creative.

Take a Trip Together

You won’t be able to travel much once the baby arrives, so taking a trip together especially in the first six months, is a great idea.

Even if it’s just a day trip to another city, getting out of the house, and away from your daily stress will help get your blood flowing and improve your romance.

If you get a hotel, make sure the bed is nice and large so that you can get in some ‘quality time’ together.

Talk to Each Other

It’s easy to focus most or all of your attention on planning for your baby, so your conversations will revolve around what you need to get, how he or she is developing, what you need to do to stay healthy, etc.

This is natural, but you should spend a bit of time each day talking about anything except the pregnancy, about 20 or 30 minutes should be enough.

At first you may need to schedule this time into your day, but after a week or two of this, you’ll naturally start focusing a bit of your attention on each other without the need to make an appointment.

Be Intimate

You probably knew this was coming, but it needs to be said. Unless there is a serious medical problem, you can have sex with each other.

You’ll probably have to try some new positions as the pregnancy progresses, but it’s perfectly safe, and finding the most comfortable positions to make love, can be very enjoyable.

If regular sex is out, you can still have oral sex and heavy petting. This isn’t as good, but it’s better than avoiding intimacy altogether.

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean your romance should end.

It is actually more important than ever for the mother and father to bond before the baby arrives, so go out, have some fun and get close to each other.

Dan Clarke is a writer, as well as a husband and father, and loves every minute of it.

Having written about almost everything for a number of years, he is now focusing on his three main passions, relationships, parenting and travel.

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