Completing the Cisco certification exam significantly raises your chances at landing a great career in the future. These tests are not easy, and it is wise for a student to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the time-consuming process. While this is true, many do not know how to start or what to do. Luckily, with these five tips, you can learn how to study for the Cisco certification exams. Without a doubt, when doing so, you will have a better chance at passing the first time.

1. Know the exam:

First and foremost, if you know what will be on the test, you will know what to study and how to prepare. Fortunately, Cisco’s website has information on current and past exams; this will give you a basic idea on what to study and where to get started. Of course, to succeed, you cannot simply read about past tests and nail the exam the first time.

You still need to have a serious knowledge of the subject at hand. Either way, by looking at past tests and taking simulated exams, a student will be well on his or her way to nailing it and passing the first time around.

2. Get some material:

When going to school, some students will spend a pretty penny buying books and study materials. This is not the case as a Cisco exam is pretty straightforward. Ideally, you should buy a book or two and start reading. To find out what reading material you should buy, it is wise to ask the instructor or even other students. Simply put, with the right books and study guides, you can walk into the room prepared and pass the test.

3. Forums:

What better way to pass the test than to head to online forums. Since there are dozens of online communities dedicated to learning about Cisco exams, you should have no trouble finding the one that fits your needs. At the same time, while it is beneficial to ask questions, it is smarter to read old posts and FAQ sections of the site. When doing so, you can learn more about the process and even get feedback from others who have mastered the courses.

Remember, when going online, you can get the most up-to-date information and analysis of the test and this will help you go a long way in walking in the room without any fears or trepidation.

4. Be hands On:

When working with Cisco routers, servers and other equipment, an employee will have his or her hands on the items all the time. For this reason, when looking at the study materials and contemplating ideas, one should get their hands on as much equipment as possible. With this, a student can learn the real world feel and look of the product.

Since this is part of the test, you should certainly try to get your hands on these items well before the day of the exam. Simply put, with this approach, you can
go a long way in learning more.

5. Seek out others in the industry:

While this is not always viable, if you can find someone else in the industry that’s taken the test, you can gain valuable insight into how to pass it the first time. Since the test changes frequently, it would be beneficial to ask someone who took it recently. Right away, at a minimum, a person who passed the exam earlier can offer his or her moral support and advice on how to study.

The Cisco exams are not easy. While a person can pass them with hard work, it is even more beneficial when you study the right way. When doing so, you stand an excellent chance of passing the Cisco exam on the first try.

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