As advocated by Joseph Tramontana, education today is indispensable in any human being’s life. Gone are the days when people would rely on instinct and limited knowledge to get on with their lives. Now, it is essential to be educated not only to obtain a good job and financial prospects, but also to better the quality of one’s life in every other aspect as well.

What is Education?

Education is not just what is obtained from schools and colleges; rather it is the process of lifelong learning that a person embarks on. This sum total of learning that a person receives during the course of their life is what determines their approach to life and builds experiences that enable them to be successful.

Various educational streams are available today, each of which is different from the remaining educational sectors. More emphasis is placed on mastering a single skill set today through education, and hence this also offers the option to develop one’s creative talents in the subject that they have a good aptitude in.

Education and Job Scenario

The job market is very competitive today. Hence, it is not always easy to secure a job if all you possess is a basic education degree. Specialization in various disciplines improves the overall job prospects of a person.

Developing one’s skills in the subject that you have an aptitude in improving your overall chances of securing a job. Finding a job that is to your liking is directly related to the amount of happiness you will obtain from it in the long run. Unless you secure a job in a realm that works to your liking, you will find yourself dreading it as time progresses.

Illiteracy is a great fallacy in today’s world. The likelihood of having a successful life and making money in any field is nearly impossible, unless you are educated. Hence, the importance of education cannot be overlooked.

Education and Happiness in Life

The more knowledgeable a person is, the better is his understanding of things in life. This will color his approach to anything and everything and improves the efficiency with which he works or attempts to perform a task.

When educated, life is a lot easier. An educated person can understand even more complicated of things in a better way than an uneducated person can. It is also clear that they will have a logical approach to problem solving and tackling the various complexities in life. As a result, the ability of any individual is improved if he is educated.

Education also changes the way a person looks at life. He takes great interest in understand how to make life smoother and better on a daily basis. He is wiser about handling his money as he knows or takes an interest in the various options that he can adopt to make his money grow.

Be it a business, or a private venture, or a public sector job, an educated person can handle his responsibilities with greater ease and bring improvements to the field, he is part of, when he is educated and transforms into a literate. As a result, an individual not only contributes to his personal growth, but also to the organization’s growth as such when he is educated properly.

In today’s world, being educated is the sure way of earning respect from peers and family. Everyone appreciates an educated person and gives him the dignity he deserves. It overrides the other divisions in life, such as money, gender, caste or religion. Hence, Joseph Tramontana says, being educated ensures that you will have an upper hand in gaining respect from people around you. This is directly linked to your personal happiness and satisfaction in life.