Living a healthy lifestyle is something that everyone should strive for, and your diet is an important part of being healthy. A lot of people cheat on their diets when they snack between meals, then have to spend a little more time in the gym to work off the calories they consumed while snacking. There are certain foods you can snack on that burn more calories than they contain, ten of which are:


Oranges only contain 45 calories so you can eat them without worrying about gaining any extra weight, they are good to eat in the morning with breakfast, they are also great as a mid-day snack, and afternoon snack. If you have an early dinner you can also eat an orange before going to bed.


People worry about eating watermelons because they are very sweet, the truth is they do not contain a lot of calories, and you actually burn more calories than they contain while chewing and digesting them. This makes them a great snack to eat in between meals, and they can also be substituted for deserts.


Carrots only contain 25 calories, they are not only good for your eyes, and they also make great snacks and can be used for salads and other creative recipes.


They are sweet and juicy fruits that you can slice up and add to your breakfast cereal, like the other negative calorie foods you can pack some with you to work and snack on throughout the day, you can also dip them in low fat yogurt or chocolate, just make sure you don’t over indulge on the chocolate.


They are great because they are not as sweet as other fruits, and half of a grapefruit contains 78 percent of the daily amount of Potassium your body needs, while containing only 36 calories. They are bigger than oranges, and they fill you up more than an orange would.


Lettuce might be the ultimate negative calorie food, it doesn’t taste as good as a lot of the other negative calorie foods, but it is the essential ingredient for making salads. You can mix other negative calorie foods with lettuce and make yourself a very tasty snack to eat at work or at home, just go easy on the dressing.


Tomatoes are a healthy and great addition to most meals; you can put them in your sandwich, salads, and other meals. Tomatoes only contain 22 calories so they also make good snacks at work and at home.


Celery is a salty snack that contains only 6 calories; they are a good substitute for salty snacks like potato chips which contain a lot of calories.


They contain 8 calories and are great to add to your salad, or to eat as a snack anytime during the day.


You can slice apples to eat with your breakfast cereal, or take a couple with you as a snack during the day. Apples contain 81 calories and takes a little longer for your body to burn, but they are still a better alternative to candy and other sweets.

These are some of the low calorie foods you can eat as snacks, you can ask a nutritionist or go online and check fitness websites to find out about other foods you can eat as a snack without worrying about gaining any extra weight.

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