Everyone wants to have beautiful flooring in their home or business that is free of ugly stains from spilled beverages, food and other debris. Certified Flooring Installation, Inc. has provided information to customers for 30 years concerning caring for floor tile made from various materials, including wood, vinyl and acrylic. Learn the sneakiest ways to remove stains from flooring to keep it looking fresh and clean for many years.

One: White Vinegar

The application of white vinegar on many stains on certain types of floor tile is a sneaky way to remove discolorations caused by artificial dyes from foods such as mustard or ketchup. White vinegar is inexpensive and simple to find at local stores along with storing nicely in kitchen cupboards for emergency cleanup. To avoid damage to stone tiles, dilute the white vinegar with lukewarm water before rubbing gently at a stain.

5 Sneaky Ways To Remove Stains From Your Flooring

Two: Hydrogen Peroxide

When a family pet leaves a mess on wood floors that causes a hideous dark discoloration or stain, it is time to scurry to the bathroom closet to get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Saturate a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide before placing it on a stain to wait 15 minutes to see if the discoloration lightens. If the stain remains, then keep repeating the hydrogen peroxide process until it disappears.

Three: Baking Soda

For difficult stains that will not lift from tile, create a chemical reaction by adding baking soda to either white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Mix a thick paste that will bubble slightly when applied to a stain on a floor. Use only a small amount at first to determine how it works on the surface while rubbing carefully with a soft cloth to make a stain dissolve and disappear.

Four: Toothpaste

A tube of toothpaste located in the bathroom medicine cabinet is a sneaky way to remove stains such as spilled beverages, pet waste or markers from hardwood floor tiles. Use plain white toothpaste placed on a soft cloth to rub gently on a stain as it dissolves, lifts and disappears. This technique may take several applications to work but has wonderful benefits by returning the floor to its original condition.

Five: Hair Spray

Hair spray contains a chemical solvent that is excellent for getting rid of particular types of stains on floor surfaces. A spritz of hair spray on heel marks from shoes, ink from writing pens or spilled nail polish is effective for removing the stains without damaging floor tiles. To have perfect looking floors again, have a soft cloth or paper towels ready to rub at the stains.

Anyone using a sneaky way to remove a stain from flooring may want to apply the cleaning substance on a hidden area first to determine how the tile’s materials react. Have a bucket of water and sponge ready to remove the cleaning agent if an unusual reaction occurs. In many cases, several applications of cleansers are required to remove a stain completely.