5 Simple Tips for Mobile Text Campaign Success

Mobile text campaigns may seem tricky, but if executed correctly, they bring in great business.

The fact of the matter is that mobile text campaigns are work because they are quick and direct. Studies show that SMS text messages have an extremely high open rate, roughly 98% of all messages are opened within minutes of receiving them.

Below are 5 useful tips to help organize and implement mobile text campaigns.


Tip 1. Understand mobile text marketing.

Although mobile marketing is awesomely effective, remember that success doesn’t happen over-night.  Be patient and you’ll see results! SMS marketing has…

  • An extremely open and response rate.
  • Convenient and immediate messaging capabilities.
  • The power to reach audiences wherever they are.

Tip 2. Build a strong and segmented database.

Mobile text campaigns do more than just send messages, they also easily grow contact databases! Plus, with different keywords and new features, you can now create segmented lists for your marketing convenience.

There are several functions of mobile keywords that can also help engage your audience as well. Find the mobile marketing provider to hit your needs.

What’s the big deal about segmented lists? They enable target marketing! Delivering target content that interests your audience gets your messages getting heard and also helps prevent opt-outs.

Tip 3. Messages should be: Compelling, Concise, Clear.

When sending mobile text messages, keep in mind you only have 160 characters to state your organization name and get your message across.  The formula for a successful SMS message goes as follows:

Organization + Call to action + Deadline for promotion + Info on where to find more info =

Effective SMS content

Tip 4. Monitor your campaign progress during your campaign.

Be on the lookout for opt-in and opt-out trends. If you notice a trend in numbers or sales, see how you can get your numbers up before the end of that campaign.

Tip 5. Look back on campaigns and see where improvements can be made.

Reflecting on an entire campaign from beginning to end offers insight on how to do better with your next campaign.

  • Which keyword was most successful and which had the least opt-ins?
  • How did you advertise the successful keyword differently and how can you apply that to other keywords?
  • What style incentive worked best for you?

Identifying the answers to these questions will help you in your next quest with mobile text marketing.

This article was written by Rona Cerillo, a mobile text campaign aficionado and marketing specialist for Trumpia, an SMS and multi-channel marketing service provider.