Facebook is all the rage among internet marketers. The social network helps you develop intimate, prospering relationships quickly if you use FB effectively.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

Hopping on the network to set up a one way broadcasting station, solely looking out for your own selfish interests,

only alienates your friend base before people have a chance to know, like and trust you.

Take a step back and move your intent to serving others in order to use Facebook intelligently to grow your internet marketing campaign.

Post Helpful Content

Posting helpful content just makes your job like a million times easier because once people see you as a kind, helpful person you can expand your presence quickly on the social network.

Most Facebook fools make the mistake of pushing their business opportunity onto individuals and wonder why nobody seems to want to be their friend.

Imagine a used car salesman walking into your home for the first time and immediately pitching you on buying a new car.

You would want to slap him in the face and you want to slap the endless pitcher on Facebook, too, but the value-providers, well, you become their friends really quickly.

There are no shortage of problems people are facing that you can provide the solutions for.

Check out Facebook groups, blog comments and other online sources to see what questions people are asking and the information they are seeking.

Post Non Business Content

Posting funny pictures, images of your vacations and non-business content helps you detach from biz outcomes and proves to people that yes, you have a life outside of business.

Fools post biz stuff all day long, and like the annoying pitcher, you are quickly ostracized and unfriended on the social network because you are boring or annoying.

Hey, you need to prove you are a real, living, breathing person who has interests outside of your business, and posting blog articles all day, even if they are helpful and value-packed, does not prove that you are a real person.

Stop posting your blog or business site and start posting pictures of your last vacation, or family pictures, or any images which prove that you have a life outside of your business.

Post Persistently

Persistence wins in the Facebook marketing game because so many people show up in fits and starts.

If you simply post content each hour, or every few hours, every single day, you make a firm impress on the minds of your collective target market.

You can become wildly popular and even, wow, an internet celebrity,

if you are willing to go beyond your perceived limits and push yourself to work the social network day after day, even when you feel like calling it quits.

The persistent person finds great luck and seems to get all the breaks because few people push themselves to be persistent, so you naturally stand out from the crowd in a big way.

Keep going, even when you feel like taking a break from Facebook for a few days, and you quickly see those who persist are richly rewarded for their sustained efforts.

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