Shifting homes or offices is an overwhelming activity. Naturally, you may forget some of the valuable items or personal belongings at your old apartment. There are various reasons that cause people to move from one home to another one. In a city like Melbourne, there are thousands of professionals who oversee the daily activities of various institutions.

Once a promotion or a transfer note is delivered, they have no option than to move with their families to their new places of work. It’s a great hustle. Among all other reasons that cause shifting of homes, work is the major reason. This article will attempt to advise you accordingly giving you useful information that will be of great assistance to you.

Carefully inspect all the rooms.

While you are preparing to move your home to a new place, you first need to check all the rooms. This activity will ensure that you have gathered and packed everything that was in the room. If each room is completely empty, this is a reason to imply there is nothing that has been left behind.

A good example is when you first start to pack the things in the living room. Conduct a thorough packing ensuring there is nothing left before proceeding to the next room. The same applies if you are planning to move an office.

If some of the furniture in your office was given by your landlord, then this will imply that you will only have to carry what is yours. Room by room, ensure that you remove the curtains in the room together with the supporting rods. You might want to consider removing the tube lights which you may still use in your new home.

Before removing the furniture, don’t forget to take out the hooks or nails that are used in setting up hangings on the wall. To guarantee a commendable move, you will need a comprehensive checklist when removing things outside. The checklist will keep you updated. This way, things will be easier for you.

Check the Bedroom.

A bedroom is a crucial part of the house and it’s important that you clear the bedroom to the last item during house moving. Double-check all the drawers and closets. Place the mattress in a more durable bag. These specialized bags ensure that your mattress is secure. Additionally, don’t forget to remove the fixtures, window adornments, and family portraits. These are of great importance in your new home.

Check the Bathroom.

Quick Pick Movers have noted that most homeowners forget to check the bathroom area. The bathroom area consists of a variety of things like buckets, towels, shaving crèmes and toilet papers. Right before you leave the bathroom, it’s vital that you get rid of all the unwanted toiletries like worn out towels etc. Disconnect the shower. This is crucial because you will save on water. Double-check the tubes and the medicines that are present in the bathroom. After disconnecting, don’t forget to carry them.

Check the Kitchen.

The kitchen is the centre of a home. During furniture removal, most kitchen items may be forgotten. It’s also easy to lose and leave behind kitchen items if the process is not properly conducted. It’s mandatory that you get rid of all the leftovers that are in the kitchen. Leftovers stink and can terribly damage some of your kitchen items.

Defrost and clean the refrigerator. Check all the kitchen drawers because those are the places where items like vases, plates, bowls, and other fragile crystal glasses can be left behind. It’s crucial that you label your items so that you don’t get confused. Double check areas like under the sink and behind the doors.


Other miscellaneous parts of a home like the garden and the attic should be checked. Most of the toys are left in the garden. Don’t annoy your children by forgetting to move their toys.