Every room in a home has a different feeling and vibe. If you have a room in which you want to create a more comfortable and relaxed vibe, there are some simple things you can do to give it the relaxed yet functional feeling you desire. Consider the ideas below as changes and additions you can make to your room so that it is comfortable and inviting.

Decorate With a Relaxed Touch

The way in which you decorate your rooms directly affects the level of comfort you and your guests will enjoy. For example, a room decorated with expensive artwork, vases, and modern, yet stiff furniture does not encourage laying back and relaxing. That isn’t to say you can have art or modern pieces in your rooms, but to give your room livability add some relaxed touches like your kids’ school art project or fun family photos.

Add An Element Of Nature

Nature is instinctually associated with relaxation and comfort, and it can add a touch of class.  Consider bringing in fresh flowers, plants, electric waterfalls, adding a fireplace, or beautiful photographs and paintings of nature or landscapes.

Use Warm Colors

The colors in your room will also have a strong effect on the mood the room encourages. While bold colors are fun and trendy, reserve them for accent pieces or rooms not designed for comfort. For relaxation, mix in your favorite warm and inviting colors in your paint selection, furniture, and accessory selections.

Add Comfort Furniture and Accessories

You might have found the perfect chair for your living room, yet it lacks a place to kick up your feet, so add an ottoman. Or maybe you have a great couch but don’t have anywhere to place your beverages, so add an end table. Sometimes getting cozy and comfortable just takes a few plush pillows, a place to kick up your feet, and a soft throw blanket.

Create Versatile Lighting

During the day you may enjoy the bright lights of the daytime sun, but as your day winds down you may want to enjoy softer lighting. To achieve softer lighting you can place lamps with low-watt bulbs throughout the room or add a dimmer switch to your lighting outlets.

Customize Your Furniture Selections

If your spouse has particularly long legs you need to take them into consideration when making furniture selections. For example, the leg room available underneath your kitchen table and desks are different for someone who is 6′ than someone who is 5’4″. While you may not be able to have a comfortable individual space for every member of your family in every room, think of the different hobbies, habits, and physical needs your family has and try your best to strike an even balance.

Decorate Your Room With Intention

Sometimes with decorating it is easy to focus more on what looks good and forget the intention of the room. If you want your family dining room to be a place where you can come together and connect at the end of each day, decorate it accordingly. Use child friendly place settings, informal colors and patterns, and comfortable yet sturdy seating. Your friends and family may have some great suggestions about what they would enjoy to make the room more comfortable.


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