Handmade carpets are woven from a long time. The hand-woven technique was started by refugees who wanted to cover their bodies for protecting themselves from a cold and hot surface. This is the oldest technique for making home textiles. In the past, handmade carpets were woven in traditional style and the designs of those carpets have been originated many years ago from Persia, Iran, and Afghanistan etc. But according to the style and customer requirements, handmade carpets are also woven in the modern design pattern. During this time you can find handmade rugs are made in traditional style and in modern style as well in different sizes.

Modern carpets are woven in hand-knotted and hand-tufted techniques using the finest quality of cotton and pure New Zealand wool. It contains geometrical, abstract, contemporary, Erased patterns in minimum color combinations. Now I am going to tell you about three best handmade modern carpets which are very suitable for the contemporary interiors.

Russian Winter Designer Modern Area Rug

Russian Winter Designer Modern Area Rug: Russian Winter Designer carpet is a beautiful handmade modern carpet which is specially designed for contemporary home interiors. This is a designer piece and has taken many months to weave. The theme of this carpet is taken from a river which is flowing between the mountains and the dark jungle. In the center of carpet, the design looks like a river which is filled with water and sides are covered by snow in a dark jungle. This is a masterpiece and looks like a hand painting because the design of this carpet is very fine. This is woven in the super quality of cotton in 20count by 20 ply and pure New Zealand wool and Bamboo silk mix. These materials are the pure natural materials which have been produced by the tree of banana and the sheep hair. This is 100% hand washable and highly durable carpet. Buy it from Rugs and Beyond at very reasonable price range.

Designer Rugs For Less For Contemporary Homes This Spring 2018

Dual BW Beautiful Moroccan Rug

Dual BW Beautiful Moroccan Rug: If you don’t have enough money to buy expensive carpets then you can also purchase a Moroccan carpet. Dual BW Moroccan rug is a hand-woven in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. The warp is in super quality of cotton and weft is in pure New Zealand wool. The ground of this carpet is in white color and the design is in black color. The combination of black and white always gives an outstanding look. Due to the white ground, this carpet is easily matched with any type furniture. Dual BW Moroccan rug is a hand-knotted rug and due to this technique, it is highly durable carpet.

Designer Rugs For Less For Contemporary Homes This Spring 2018

Bridal Beauty Hand Knotted Wool Carpet

Bridal Beauty Handknotted Wool Carpet: Bridal Beauty Handmade carpet is woven for both classical and contemporary home décor. You can use it for both types of home décor. If you want to put a carpet which is ideal for the vibrant color curtain and other decorative accessories then this is the best carpet. It contains a bridal jewel type design which is very hard to weave. Bridal Beauty is made of pure New Zealand wool, Bamboo Silk, and cotton material. Wool is used for providing a cozy and thick touch and Bamboo silk is used for giving a shining and soft touch to the carpet. Cotton is always used for providing a strong foundation to the carpet.

Designer Rugs For Less For Contemporary Homes This Spring 2018

Hence, with a plethora of options available, designer rugs are perfect for today’s home décor. They make a space look complete and attractive at the same time. Rugs and Beyond is a pioneer in the art of carpet making and design rugs available for less are stocked in numbers.

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